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Indianapolis, IN - June 21, 2003 Annual Meeting Minutes

Original release: July 2003

Show & Tell notes

Vice President Brent Sehnert called the meeting to order at
approximately 7:30 PM Saturday night, at the Days Inn Airport,
Indianapolis, IN. 30 members attended the business meeting,
including board members Brent Sehnert and Brian Callahan.

The first order of business was the annual election for President
and Treasurer. Tom Mugnano, current President, was not in attendance
and called Brent and Brian the day before and decided to withdraw
from the election. Fred Stepanian was elected President of the
PGCA, and Marilyn Johnston was elected Treasurer. A round of applause
was given for the two officers, the other current officers and for
Tom Mugnano & Marilyn Johnston for serving the club for the past
two years.

Next year in 2004 the Vice President and Secretary will be elected.

Treasurer's report was given, with the detail Balance Sheet and
Profit & Loss Statement being provided by Marilyn Johnston.
The total liabilities and equity as of June 9, 2003 was $4,522.09.
A motion to approve the Treasurer's Report was voted on and passed
unanimously. If any members want a copy of the Treasurer's report
please contact one of the board members for a copy.

Old Business

Brent informed the club that Dave Lester has combined the two
documents for the club by-laws and copies will be sent to the
board members and anyone who requests a copy from the board.

It was noted that the auction in Collector Glass News, which is being
done by Carl and Mary Sehnert, is not a function of the club, rather
it is a feature of the Collector Glass News. The club bylaws prohibit
it from running an auction. Starting with the current upcoming auction,
5% of the total revenue from the auctions ran by the Sehnert's will be
given to the club, to cover the printing and postage costs in CGN.

New Business

The new club glass, Capt. America and related T-shirts, were created
by Jay Honan, and were sold at the meeting. 144 glasses were made,
please contact Carl Sehnert for the club glass. We hope to produce
two glasses per year. A verbal commitment has been given from the
creator of the Wacky Racers cartoons for a glass image for a club
glass in the future. Thanks was expressed by the members to Jay and
his group for another excellent glass and T-shirt.

Discussions were had about the current qty of 144 glasses, given the
current membership size. We will try to publish in CGN the expected
meetings where glasses will be produced, so members who want one can
get one quickly. The current feeling is that 144 is enough for all
who want a glass to get one, as it took many years to run out of the
glasses that were produced, like Hagar, and almost all glasses are
still available.

An informal vote was taken on whether or not to have a dinner at the
Days Inn during the annual meeting, as this year there was no dinner.
It may be the case that the dinner cost, which tends to be high, will
be less in the future due to new management at the Days Inn. In order
to help conserve club funds the dinner was not done this year. In the
informal vote not having a dinner at about $20 per person was slightly
preferred, but there was a large vote also to have the dinner. We will
see what the cost is next year and decide from there.

The membership list was discussed, and it was explained that we now
have an opt in policy for getting the membership list, to conserve
club funds. The decision is detailed in the upcoming CGN. Contact
Mike Vath for a copy of the list, either by e-mail or postal mail.
List were distributed to those that wanted one at the meeting, which
conserved on postage costs.

A short discussion concerned the idea of combining a meeting with a
regional flea market/collectibles show. Springfield was specifically
discussed. Anyone who has an interest in this area can look into what
can be done in this area and contact the board.

The next meeting is in Fogelsville, PA the last Friday of September,
September 26, 2003 at 7PM at the Fogelsville, PA fire hall. Contact
Steve Zehr with questions.

The club expressed appreciation to Edith & Ed Kearfott for donating
a large group of Kentucky Derby glasses, including the 2003 glass, for
the door prizes, even though they were unable to attend the meeting.
A motion was made and passed to reimburse the small postage cost.

The business meeting was ended with show and tell and the door
prizes, which included quite a few nice donations, and some club

Respectfully submitted, Brian Callahan

The next club meeting will be September 26th in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. Promoting our club should be everyone's business. If you know anyone that might be interested get their name and address and we will send them a copy of our newsletter so they know what we are about.