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Indianapolis - June 29, 2002 Annual Meeting Minutes

Original release: July 2002

The meeting was opened by President Tom Mugnano, who presided.
Also in attendance was Vice President Brent Sehnert. Tom appointed Brian Callahan to take the minutes for the meeting. About 43 members were present.

New Business - Membership dropoff was discussed, why people do not renew, how to keep the membership numbers up and active.
44 memberships were not renewed last year. Resolved that
President Tom Mugnano will call some of the members and
get an idea why they decided to not renew, what the club can
do to encourage people to stay in the club. Also decided to
send out postcards by March 1, 2003 for those that do not
renew for 2003. There were no postcards sent this year, but there
has been in prior years.

Note: dues are still annual, and payable first of the year.

There was a discussion among the members, led by Carl Sehnert,
about the club by-laws, and changing the annual meeting to
Indianapolis in June. Also about where we were with respect to
the needed changes and authorization from the complete membership.
David Lester is working on an update to reflect that the annual
meeting was changed to Indianapolis, and the elections were to be
in June each year. Brian Callahan made a resolution that these changes be submitted via the Gatherer to the membership to be
voted on. Seconded by Larry Freudenthal. The motion was passed.
The update, when done, will be forwarded to the President and to
Brent for the Gatherer.

The Treasurer's report was read and approved. There was unanimous
approval, applause and appreciation of the fine job that Marilyn Johnston has done as the club treasurer.

Elections - Brent Sehnert was elected Vice President.
                 Steve Zehr was elected Secretary.
Both were unopposed for a two year term. There was thanks and applause for those willing to be officers and help the club. Next year in June the President and Treasurer offices will be open.

Thanks was extended to Brent, Brian, Carl, Mary, Dick, Jimmy, Steve, Steve, Tom, Brenda, Brad, Bill, Paul, Matt, Marilyn and many, many others for working on club functions, especially the club website.

Upcoming meetings - there should be a meeting in September in PA
always the same time as Shupps Grove and Renningers show.

In [January 2003, expect] a meeting in Orlando, FL same time as the
large FX toy show. Check for dates of the FX show at

A new Membership list will be printed and sent, please check your
information and send corrections so members can keep in touch
with each other.

A question was posed: How many people do NOT have access to a computer with internet. Answer was 3 people. (out of about 43) Jimmy asked that anyone with information or suggestions on glasses, pictures for the web site send them in to there was a misprint in the Gatherer, the club URL is NOT

The meeting concluded with show and tell, and door prizes. Many members donated nice glasses and box sets of glasses. Special thanks to Edith and Ed Kearfott who donated some Kentucky Derby glasses and souvenirs.

The meeting ended around 9:30.

Respectfully submitted, Brian Callahan

The next club meeting will be September in Pennsylvania. Promoting our club should be everyone's business. If you know anyone that might be interested get their name and address and we will send them a copy of our newsletter so they know what we are about.