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Fogelsville - April 26, 2002 Meeting Minutes

Original release: June 2002
The meeting was held beginning at 7:00 P.M. on the 26th, Friday evening. The best that I could count was 28 people at this meeting. As always there were many good glasses to see at the " Show and Tell" part of the meeting. Some of these included a neon Orange Tuffy from the Tom & Jerry set, a full set of the Happy Days glasses with the records on the back, an LS Porky Pig mug, some Variation Warner Brothers glasses. Larry Freudenthal brought a short Sears Winnie the Pooh glass and has wrote an article for this issue about that. It always amazes me the number of unknown glasses that show up at this meeting.Some of the items discussed at the meeting were:

  1. The upcoming election of officers - Vice President and Secretary. Be sure to cast your ballot found elsewhere in this issue.
  2. Fred Stepanian had not received any nominations from anyone other than the two members running for office. Any other nominations will now be a write in ballot.
  3. the club web site. There is currently over 6500 glasses listed on the site with over 6000 pictures. If you have any ideas of how to make the site better, bring them with you to the Indy show. Your contribution to help with pictures or information is appreciated as well.
  4. Updated membership list. Contact Mike Vath to make any changes to your listing.
  5. New Club glass. As you can see by the front page picture, this glass is what everyone at the meeting considered to be the best done glass yet. Time is clicking so we hope to have a glass at the Indy show also.
  6. Reinstitute the Presidents award to recognize outstanding contributions to the club. This award should hopefully be ready for the Indy show.
  7. The upcoming Indy Show, the details are on the Meetings page.
  8. Members can submit "Want Ads" to the newsletter. Also need articles. Don't be shy on submitting something, your contribution is always appreciated.
  9. Starting a contest in the next newsletter. This is also explained in The Gatherer.
  10. Continue the September Fogelsville meeting. It was unanimous that we continue this meeting and Steve has agreed to do this as well.

We had 2 new members sign up at this meeting and 1 new member sign up at the Shupps Grove who was unable to make it to the meeting. April Kuhns was 100% responsible for all of the food served at the meeting. I could not get off from work that week so there was very little I could do to get ready. She made her famous chocolate/vanilla cake which I almost forgot to serve. Sometimes the meetings get better and better and this meeting was an example of that. I look forward to September. Thanks, Steve Zehr

The next club meeting will be in Indy. Promoting our club should be everyone's business. If you know anyone that might be interested get their name and address and we will send them a copy of our newsletter so they know what we are about.