Knowledge Is Power . .
An Index to the First 115 Issues of CGN Issue #115 - Mar/Apr/May 2013
Compiled by Michael J. Kelly. Additions by Brian Callahan

          As everyone who has been with us since our first issue fourteen years ago knows, Collector Glass News has come a long way and covered a lot of ground since that first issue. When we look back on what we’ve done, it seems considerable, but in all truth we know it is just a wedge into the subject. With this index we have tried to list all subjects and areas of interest, but we may have missed some (indexing is extremely tedious work).
        Here’s how this index works: subjects are arranged alphabetically with brief annotations when necessary. Issue and page number(s) follow. Example: 4.13 refers to issue 4, page thirteen. And 19.17-18 refers to issue 19, pages seventeen and eighteen. Finally, 37.5,6, 24-26 indicates issue 37, pages five, six, and twenty-four through twenty-six.
50 Issues Cover and Editorial, 50.1-3
7-Eleven Plastic ML Baseball (article with photo), 60.1,4-5
Abbott & Costello new issue (photo), 78.30
Adaptive Character Glasses (photos in auction list #4,5,17,18,19), 92.9
Alice in Wonderland (Canada, Secma, Inc.) set of six, 9.3
Alice in Wonderland/York Peanut Butter (Canada), ad copy, 21.17
Amoco Dinosaur set of four (1993), 23.16-17
A&P Ann Page bicentennial set of four, 6.3
A&W Mug offer, 52.17
A-Team/Pepsi glasses (mystery glasses, photo), 30.15
A-Team glasses (not Pepsi), photos, 30.15; 31.15
American Ceramic Society glass, picture, 71.20
American Wildlife glasses from Sunoco flyers, photo, descriptions 101.28-29
Animal Crackers set of six, 3.5-6; 4.1
Apollo glasses variation-Apollo 13, Apollo 11, 110.32
Arby's Big Chill 2010 glass photo 106.3
Arby’s Christmas mugs (1988), 4.2
Arby’s Christmas fruit cup (1989), 8.1
Arby’s Christmas Hollydays Cafe Mug (1990), 12.10
Arby’s Holly and Berry glass (1987), 1.2
Arby’s Houze Art Christmas glass (Indiana 1989), 8.1,14; 12.5
Archie's Welchs glasses Box (photo) article, 101.1,4
Armour Transportation Peanut Butter Glasses, 12.7; 32.15; 41.22 (photo)
Atlantis disney Movie New Issue 2003 (photo), 79.6
Auctions (general discussion of), 10.1-2; 10.3-4
Auctions CGN Price Record Frankenstein, 64.3
Auctions CGN Price Record Lariat Sam, 66.3
Auctions CGN Price Record Sad Cat, 67.3
Auction--GMS Records Record Prices (1991), 14.14
Auction Highlights (GMS, Ho-mar, Nat. Collectors Co-op, 1991, 1992), 17.7
Auction Highlights (GMS, Ho-mar, Nat. Collectors Co-op, 1992), 18.16
Auction Richmond, IN Aug 4, 2007 Listing and Advertisement, 93.30
Auction Richmond, IN Aug 4, 2007 Article and photos, 93.5
Avenger's Glasses PopFun, photos, 95.4-5
Autumn Leaf Festival Clarion, PA article with photos, 72.1-5
Australian Glasses article with photos, 50.8-9
Bagheera Glass variation, photos, 114.20
Bama Champion Driver’s Series (1997), 42.7-8
Bama Dinosaurs Series, 77.1,3
Bama Racing Tumbler advertising, 48.9
Bama Walt Disney Gold Collection advertising, 66.5
Baseball on Glass (article with photos), 7.8-9
Baseball on Glass--A Clear Alternative to Cardboard (article with photos), 15.6-9
Batman (Ultramar 1989, Canada), 9.1, 3
Batman & Robin Set of 3 (Quick Stores, Belgium), (photo) 45.21
Batman Belgium Blits Drink glasses (article with photo), 53.1,19
Batman Netherlands 60's Set picture, 67.22
Batman Popfun Box set, photo, 110.29
Batman Six Flags glass (photo), 86.30
Battle of the Planets Pepsi Phoenix prototype Brockway glass, picture, 104.27
Bd's Mongolian Barbeque Coke glass, photo, 88.4
Beatles Tumblers & other Collectible Beatles Drinking Ware (list with photo), 17.6
Beatles All you need is Love Mug, picture, 104.26
Betty Boop New Issues (photos), 78.30
Betty Boop New Issues (photos), 90.6
Betty Boop New Issues set of 4, goblet, Vandor 2010, picture, 104.5
Bicentennial Glass Bennington Flag (photo) article, 101.4
Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlor, article (photo), 107.26
Big Top glasses (article with photos), 55.3,25
Big Top Song Glasses - More Observations, 56.3,5
Big Top Song Series Glasses article, photos, 101.25-27
Blakely Gas: King of the Gas Station Giveaways (article with photo & Blakely flyer), 18.14-15
Book Review: Bader and Hervey, Collectors’ Guide to Glass Collecting, 3.4
Book Review: Chase and Kelly, Contemporary Fast-Food and Drinking Glass Collectibles, 4.4
Book Review: Falvey and Chase, Official Collector’s Guide to Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glasses (1991), 14.6
Book Review: John Hervy, Check List and Price Guide to Glass Collecting (1989), 5.3; 7.2,3
Book Review: Carol and Gene Markowski, Tomart’s Price Guide to Character and Promotional Glasses, 9.9
Book Review: Chase and Kelly ‘s Collectible Drinking Glasses (1995), 34.16
Book Review: Mauzy’s Peanut Butter Glasses with Values, 44.17
Box Collection (photo), 58.2
Boy Scout Mugs (photo), 68.2
Bozo More "Jelly Jars" article, labels, photos, 105.4-5
Brockway Glass Company 1976 Pepsi-Cola Order Forms A & B, 33.18-19
Brockway Glass Company 1976 Pepsi-Cola Order Form D, 34.17
Brockway Sample Stickers, Deciphering [them], a researched article, 41.1, 8-9, 26
Brockway Glass Co. Sample Order Form from 1974, 41.23
Broom Hilda Sunday Funnies Libbey boxed set of four (photo), 41.22
Broom Hilda characters single glass article and photo, 94.1,4
Budweiser Frog glasses (photo), 37.6-7
Bugs Bunny 50th Anniversary, Shell Oil (1990), 10.1
Bullwinkle mugs (photo), 15.18
Bullwinkle set of seven sports glasses (Universal Studio, Florida), 29.6
Burger Chef glasses advertising 115.18-22
Burger Chef and Jeff glass advertising 115.19
Burger Chef Mickey Mouse Birthday Pepsi Glasses advertising, 107.29
Burger Chef Set of 6 Prototypes from mid 70s (photo), 34.20
Burger Chef 1977 (Burgorilla?) mystery glass (photo), 41.22
Burger King Detroit Tigers set of four, 2.1; 3.3
Burger King Lord of the Rings Glasses (article with photo), 70.5
Burger King Mark Twain set of four, 3.6
Burger King Pocahontas (1995) set of four acrylic tumblers, 31.6,8
Burger King/Coca-Cola Whopper (Canadian 1997), 44.6
Burger King Disney Movies Acrylic variations, 46.3
Burgerland glass photo, 69.3 Callahan’s Pepsi (photos), 6.6; 21.9
Busch Stadium Final Season 2005 new issue (photo), 86.30
Callahan’s Pepsi glass advertisement, 57.25
Canadian Glasses, A Brief Survey, Part I (article with photos), 19.1,14-15
Caniff, Milton Sunday Funnies Terry & Pirates, USS Greenwich Bay, Broken Down Athletes glasses, (article with photos), 76.1,3
Captain America Glass (artice and photo), 89.1,4
Captain America VOTE Popfun Mega Con glass (article and photo), 96.1,4
Carnation lids, 58.3
Carrowinds Theme Park glasses Carolion, Ringo Raccoon, photos, 95.6
Casey at the Bat (mystery glasses, photos and comment), 17.17
Cat in the Hat new issue glasses (photos), 79.1,4
Catstudios frosted State, country, national park glasses, article, photos 112.29-30
Chapman, Les and Bev, Interview with...,24.6-7
Chapman, Les Long time collector passes away (article with photos), 49.3
Characters of Glass: Why and How - article, photo on cover, 114.4-6
Chevron (Texas 1992) Nolan Ryan set of 4, 18.1,6
Chicago Tribune Chicago Bulls Newspaper Headlines set of four, (photo) 41.7
Children’s Glasses (article with photos), 14.7-9
Chipmunk "BOB" glass (in PGCA article with photos), 46.1,16
Christmas 12 Days Of glasses sets & singles, article and photos, 75.21-22
Civil War Centennial frosted glasses and vase photo, 65.2
Crossword Puzzle PGCA #1, 80.6-7,30
Coca-Cola Always Comes Through (article on recent-1995-Coke issues), 32.6-7,16
Coca-Cola--Atlanta 1996 Olympics rocks glass (photo), 39.6-7
Coca-Cola--Atlanta Olympics set of six (photo), 41.21
Coca-Cola Baseball 16 oz. glasses (ad copy), 18.7
Coca-Cola Bumpers Drive-in Coke Classic automobile set of six, 20.6
Coca-Cola/[Big Boy] (1993) Christmas glass, 24.18
Coca-Cola/Big Boy Christmas (1994) glass, 28.7
Coca-Cola Catalog, Glasses Available from ..., 25.20-21
Coca-Cola Collegiate Crest Southwest State University photo, 111.31
Coca-Cola/Denny’s 1996 Christmas glass (photo), 40.9
Coca-Cola Detroit Redwings (1995 & 1996), 38.6,16
Coca-Cola/Friendly’s "Free Refill", 24.19
Coca-Cola/Godfather's Pizza Albert Lea, Minnesota glass w. bullet hole design (photo), 83.6
Coca-Cola/Halloween Test Glass, article and photo, 109.29,6
Coca-Cola/Jack’s (1993) Christmas glass, 24.18-19
Coca-Cola Krystal Christmas (1994), 28.7
Coca-Cola/McCrory’s Christmas (1993), 24.19
Coca-Cola McCrory’s Christmas (1994), 28.7
Coca-Cola Mexico Soccer Team 2006 set, photo, 88.4-5
Coca-Cola 1996 Christmas glasses (6), 40.7; 45.6 (photo),7
Coca-Cola 2001 Christmas Bear glasses (article and photo), 70.1,4-5
Coca-Cola (1996) Military Posters set of four, 40.7; 41.21
Coca-Cola NASCAR 2004 Season glasses set of seven (photos), 80.1,4
Coca-Cola NCAA Women's Basketball Final Four 2005 new issue (photos), 86.30
Coca-Cola NFL Fountain glasses, 21.1; 22.3
Coca-Cola Nostalgia Glassware 15 oz. cooler glasses (ad copy), 18.7
Coca-Cola Notre Dame local eateries glasses 2005 through 2008 checklist, article, 98.29
Coca-Cola New Issues 1999 (brochure), 54.4-7
Coca-Cola New Issues 2001, 67.4-5,24
Coca-Cola New Issues 2001, 68.3,20,23
Coca-Cola New Issues 2003, 75.6,19
Coca-Cola New Issues 2003 (photos), 79.4
Coca-Cola New Issues 2009 (photos), 100.4
Coca-Cola New Issues 2009 Cracker Barrel, 102.2 (photos)
Coca-Cola Olympics Athens 2004 new issues, (photos), 82.6
Coca-Cola/Popeye Kollect-A-Set, short version (photos), 21.17
Coca-Cola/Popeye Kollect-A-Set, Rough House in pirate outfit, variation (photo), 35.15
Coca-Cola Santa upside down on glass (mystery glass,photo), 48.22
Coca-Cola Serving Up Smiles advertising photos New Issues, 59.6
Coca-Cola Snow White and Seven Dwarves test set (photo from auction), 83.8
Coca-Cola Steak N Shake glass promtion advertisement, pinback buttn, 103.25,26
Coca-Cola Swedish-American Institute glass and brochure, article and photos, 108.4-5
Coca-Cola Unreported Glasses article with glasses list, 92.28
Coca-Cola Update (article with photos), 8.4, 5, 7
Cola-Club Vintage Soda Advertising collectors club formed, 51.27
Coca-Cola Woody Woodpecker (mystery glass--photo), 45.22
Coca-Cola World Cup soccer set from Switzerland, 42.1,20
Collector Glass News on Personal fx TV Show (article with photo), 31.1,9
Collector Glass News on Talk America Radio Show, 45.2-3
Collector Glass News glasses on Terry Bradshaw Show, 45.2
Collector Glass News chat room (article), 49.9
Collector Glass News issued with color photos, 94.2
Collector Glass News merges with PGCA, Editor's Notes from Mark Chase and Ed Dunwoody, 74.1-2
Collector Glass News merges with PGCA, Statement from PGCA Board, 74-2
Columbia House World's Greatest Breweries glasses brochure, 62.6
Comic Character Drinking Glasses, article and photos, 107.27
The Coming Price Wars, an article by Walt Giersbach, 5.5
Coronet Crystal Song Glasses Box Set, photo, article
Cowboy/"End of Trail" (mystery glass, photo), 32.21
Cristal Baseball Series (Mexico), 27.11
Crossword Puzzle PGCA #2 by Jimmy Driver , 81.6-7,30
Currier and Ives/Arby’s Winter in America set of four, newspaper ad, 24.16
Currier and Ives, A New Old set of four from Arby’s, article with photo, 27.7,19
Dairy Queen (1989) sundaes and cones, 6.10
Dairy Queen (1992) Portland Trailblazers set of six, 18.1
Dairy Queen Nutcracker Ballet (Seattle 1994), set of four, 28.18
Database of Glasses on PGCA web site, new version 2011 108.2,3
Database of Glasses on PGCA web site, Current status, value and a thank you 112.4-5
Database of Glasses on PGCA web site, Search tips, 113.31-32
Davy Crockett York Walt Disney set of 8 in box, 66.7
DC Comics early 60's glass, 56.4-5
Decal Glasses: Homemade or Commercial, 68.1,4-5
Depression vs. Recession Glass: A Comparison (article), 15.10
Desert Storm glass (photo), 14.13; Mobil (Texas) Desert Storm glass, 15.17
Detroit Red Wings Collectors Glasses, 24.1,4
Dick Tracy Dominos glass find, photo and notes, 114.15
Dinosaur glasses, 24.19
Dinosaur glasses, article and photos, 111.3-4
Disney Aristocats set of three, 41.6
Disney Classics Collector Series, set of eight acrylic tumblers, 28.9
Disney Diary Series flyer Sheffield Farms, 59.2
Disney Diener Industries Glass (article with photos), 64.1,22-23
Disney Dumbo Castle Mix-up (article with photos), 89.5
Disney France 1930's glasses article, photo, 99.28
Disney French glasses (photos), 93.23-25
Disney Glasses--A Character Chronology, 16.6-7
Disney Glasses (European), article with photos, 18.8-9
Disney Glasses pin back button photo, 101.31
Disney Glasses 2003 New Issues (photos), 78.6,25
Disney Globetrotters glasses pictures, description and promotional advertising (photos) 102.1,27,28,29,30
Disney Globetrotters glasses pictures of set, pinback button, map, Globetrotter envelope 103.4-5
Disney Goofy early tipping hat photo, 63.7
Disney Hotel glass, 30.18
Disney (Japan) set of five, 30.18; 33.8
Disney Lion King glasses, 30.18
Disney Maxie Hare glass photo, 63.3
Disney Mickey Mouse Christmas (1994) glasses, 28.6
Disney Mickey Mouse store glasses, picture, 71.21
Disney Mickey Mouse Walt Disney World Orlando glasses, (photos), 82.5-6
Disney Mickey Mouse Dollar Store 2006 set of 4, new issues, photos, 88.6
Disney Musical Notes series Donald Duck (1937), mystery glass (photo), 40.17
Disney New Issues 2003 (photos), 75.6
Disney New Issues 2004 (photos), 81.5
Disney New Issues 2011 Japan (photos), 108.22
Disney Owl glass from Bambi set, picture and article (photo), 103.1
Disney Pluto 1st Dairy series unusual shape, mystery glass (photo), 46.22
Disney Snow White variations photo, 65.3
Disney (Target Stores) 16 oz., 41.6 (photo); 45.7
Disney Three Orphan Kittens with Toby Tortoise and Maxie Hare photo, 64.3
Disney Thumper from Bambi set 1940's, 67.23
Disney Toby Tortoise(photo), 58.3
Disney 32 oz. pedestals, 30.1,19
Disney Winnie the Pooh, two different sets made in Japan, 40.6
Disney Winnie the Pooh and Friends, 43.7; 44.6; 45.7;45.21
Disney Winnie the Pooh (Welch’s 1997) Pooh’s Grand Adventure, (ad copy), 44.7
Disney Winnie the Pooh Christmas (1997) Issues, (photos), 45.6
Disney Winnie the Pooh Sears boxed set, picture, 67.23
Disney Winnie the Pooh Store glass, picture, 71.21
Disneyland Glasses from Tokyo (brief article with photos), 24.20
Disneyland Lion King glasses, 29.6
Displays, Collectors Display their Collections (feature article with photos of displays), 37.1, 8-9, 20
Displays Solution (article and photos), 59.18
Detroit Red Wings Hockey Coke Arbys 2002 Playoff Heros set of 4, article and photos, 76.28
Dockan glass identified, 94.26
Dodgers, Brooklyn (mystery glass, photo), 37.21
Domino’s Pizza Noids set of four, 4.2
Domino’s Pizza Dick Tracy, 4.6; 11.3
Art Donley Brookfield local magazine Article (photo) 47.3
Donkey Kong glass, photo 97.26
"Don’t Wants and Must Haves," article by Matt Maloney, 27.25
Dr. Pepper 2003 New Issue (photo), 79.4
Dr. Seuss glass sets 2005 new issues (photos), 85.4-6
Duck Stamp mugs and glasses (ad copy), 22.26
Earl Carroll’s Hollywood Signature Glasses (article with photos), 10.10-11
Eat’N Park/Coca-Cola/Roberto Clemente "Great One" set of four (1994), 27.1,10
Eat’N Park/Coca-Cola Steeler’s Hall of Fame set of four (1995), 39.6
Eat’N Park/Coca-Cola Steelers VIP Series Set of Four, 44.1
Elby’s Pittsburgh Penguins Double Trouble set of four, 5.1-2
Elby’s/Coca-Cola Pittsburgh Pirates set of four, 2.1
Electric Company Easy Reader photo, 65.6
Ellison's Folly Harlan Ellison article (photos), 61.1,4-6
Elvis Presley set of four, 40.8
Elvis Presley Movie glasses set of four, (photos), 90.1,4
Elvis Presley European glasses, (photos), 100.1
Elvis Presley 2009 ROSS store glasses sets, (photos), 102.5
Esso Oil Drop Man glass and history, article and photos, 107.25
Esso (Canada) Tiger glass, 27.8-9
E.T. uncommon & common 1982 glass article (photos), 84.24-25
E.T., "Suntony Ade," (mystery glasses), photo, 18.17
E.T., Universal Studios (1994), 26.9; 29.6
Family Circle set of four, (mysery glasss--photo) ,45.22
Famous Americans Glasses, 56.6
Fanta Mug with characters, article and photo, 108.23
Fast-Food Franchise names and addresses, 2.2-3
Fido Dido 7up European Mascot, 92-8,9
Fisher NFL Peanut Mugs, 9.10
Fisher and Flavor House Peanut Mugs (article with photos), 19.6-7
Flavor House Mugs Introduction and Photo Gallery 114.7-12
Flintstones Glass Collection of Jeff Nock (article with photos) 55.1,8-9,19
Flintstones (Hardee’s & Roy Rogers 1991) 30th Anniv. set of four, 15.1,16
Flintstones/McDonald’s Bedrock mugs (1994) set of four, 26.1
Flintstones Welch's glasses Checklist Where's Freddie ? article,checklist, 101.20-23
Flintstones Welch's glasses Color chart 113.1
Flintstones Welch's glasses Color Review Article blue/aqua 113.3-4
Flintstones Welch's glasses Do the Freddy (Where's Freddie article update) article 103.27-30.
with scarce Welchs Flintstones glass checklist.
Flintstones Welch's glasses One glass not verified, 110.32
Flintstones, 3 different, from Europe, 60s (?), mystery glasses (photo), 39.22
Flores, Bill Comic Indian Original Art Glasses & Prototypes, (article with photos/advertising) 75.1,3
Florida Florigators (1988) set of six, 20.16
Foreign Glasses (feature article with photos), 42.1, 20-22
France Foreign Glasses the early years part 1, (article with photos), 93.23-25
Franchises, the Other... (article with photos), 25.1,8
FreedomLand theme park glass (mystery glass, photo), 49.22
Funny Animals Glass set, photos, Blue Plate Peanut Butter labels (article with photos), 76.4
Garfield glasses three-piece set, 4.2
Garfield Glasses, 31.18-19
Garfield Ice Tea glasses box set (photo), 83.6
Gay Fad Christmas Measure, 74.1
Gay Fad Studios Glassware, 11.4-5
Getty Oil Big East college basketball set of nine (1991), 13.3
Ghostbusters II (Sunoco, Canada, 1989) set of six, 7.1
Glass Alley December 1989 Photo, 49.26
Glass Classification Systems, 9.1-2
Glass Cleaning Tips, 7.7; 17.3
Glass Club Charter Member (1993) and Member (1994) Pepsi glasses, 28.18
Glass Club Organized to Promote Glass Hobby, 20.1,7-8
Glass Club News Updates, 21.14; 22.20; 23.21; 24.21;25.9; 26.3; 27.26; 28.1,8,19,22; 29.22; 30.22; 31.22; 33.21; 36.3; 41.3; 45.3; 52.4; 55.3 58.7,26; 61.2-3; 62.3; 64.6
Glass Collecting in Italy (article with photo), 40.1,21-22
Glass Collecting My Journey to Glass Collecting article, (photo), 101.24
Glass Collecting the great ride article, 110.31
Glass Collectors Club, Meeting to Discuss Formation of..., 19.22
Glass Company Glasses, 60.6-7
Glass Company Glasses part 2, photos, article, 114.23-24
Glass Decoration Novelties, Houze: 12.4-5
Glass Display Cases (how to build them), 13.4-5, 11
Glass Display at Indianapolis Warren Library (photos), 100.5
Glass Grading Terms for Describing Condition (letter to editor & reply), 28.16-17
Glass Hunting in Michigan (article-list), 16.12-13
Glass Insurance, 39.3
Glass Numbering System, the source of a Good..., 9.4-5
Glass Photo Contest, 1986 winners pictures, 2013 contest, 114.25-26
Glass Pricing (letters to editors), 8.2, 3, 7
Glass Shape Typology, 2.3-5
Glasses, Appearance Challenged . . . (article with photos of error glasses), 30.6-7
Glasses, Mugs & Steins Auction #1, 5.4
Glasses: The Question of Quality and Value (editorial), 29.2-3
Glasses, The Wonderful World of . . . (article on allure of hobby), 28.21
Glassing on the Internet: Cyberspace in Search of the Glass Grail, 43.17
Gone with the Wind 2010 Vandor glasses, picture, 104.5
Grayslake Toy and Doll Show (1999), 52.4-5
Great Finds Stories, 62.7
Great Lakes Toy and Doll Show, Dec. 3, 1989 (review article with photos), 8.8-9
Great Lakes Toy and Doll Show #6, 12.11
Great Lakes Toy and Doll Show (Dec. 1991), article with photos, 16.8-9
Great Lakes Toy and Doll Show (1992), 20.1,7-8; 20.14-15
Great Lakes Toy and Doll Show (1993), 24.1, 8-9
Great Lakes Toy and Doll Show (1995), 34.1, 8-9, 21
Great Lakes Toy and Collectibles Show (1999), 58.1,6-7
Green Lantern Popfun box set, photo, 110.29
Green Hornet Glasses, 66.1,23
Green Hornet Glass, 97.26
Green Hornet Glasses pictures, Leonore Case, Kato, Green Hornet, 106.1
Green Bay Packers Shell Football glass advertising, 81.4
Gulliver's Travels King Bombo Hazel Atlas glass with Hazel Atlas sticker (photo), 96.4
Gulliver's Travels glasses, bowls article by Ken Sloan, cover photo, 111-1,30,31
Happy Days with LP record/Dr Pepper, 6.3
Hanna-Barbera Cindy Bear (mystery glass, photo), 20.17
Hanna-Barbera Yogi Bear (mystery glass, photo), 37.21
Hanna-Barbera Yogi Bear, Cindy Bear, Huckleberry Hound & Quick Draw Hazel-Atlas Decorated Cartoon tumblers article by Ken Sloan, 111-28,29,31
McGraw box set photo, 65.7
Hanna-Barbera 7-Eleven set of four now confirmed, 20.17
Hanna-Barbera/Country Kitchens (1983) set of four
(Yogi Bear characters, mystery glasses, photo), 33.20
Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses (photos), 83.30
Hart, Johnny, B.C. Glassware, 4.5-6
Hazel Atlas Wartime Graduated Medicine Glass, 64.7
Heckle and Jeckle PGCA glass, 87.1
Heinz ‘57 Set of Four, 43.6-7,20
Hello Kitty new issue (photo), 78.30
Hess Gasoline (1996) Toy Truck Glasses, set of four (ad copy), 37.6
Hockey Glasses/Mugs/Cups collectibles, 70.21
Holiday Inn giant glass, 50.25
Holly Hobbie glasses Burger Chef advertising, 115.22
Hook's Drugs 1984 Disney set of four, 5.6
Hot Stuff new issue frosted glass (photo), 78.30
Howdy Doody Doodyville USA glasses Welch's, 52.1,8-9
Howdy Doody Welch's hazel atlas bottom glass photo 113.1
Howdy Doody Welch's unusual Hits the Spot glass photo, 60.19
Hunchback of Notre Dame, (photo), 37.7; 38.6; 40.7
Ice Hockey Glasses (article with photos), 17.14-15
Iced Tea Glasses: A Cool Collectible, 6.8-9
Iced Tea Glasses: Acee Blue Eagle’s Oklahoma Indians (article with photos), 13.8-10
Iced Tea Glasses: The Long Tall Collectible (article with photos), 38.1,8-9, 18-19
Incredibles new issue 2006, photos, 88.5
Index Original index of first 45 issues, 46.8,9,20,21
Indiana Racing Glasses, 69.1,19-21
Indiana Derby Horse Racing Jack Daniels Glass 2002 new issue, 76.29
Indiana Derby Horse Racing Jack Daniels Glass 2003 new issue (photo), 79.4
Indiana Derby Horse Racing Glass 2005 new issue (photo), 87.6
Indiana Derby Horse Racing Glass 2006 new issue (photo), 91.6
Indianapolis 500 Glasses (article with photos), 29.1,16-17
Indianapolis 500 Glass items 21st Century, 85.7
Insuring Your Glasses--Some Notes, 11.2,10
Iron Man 'Toon Tumbler 2010 C2E2 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo glass 104,26
Irving [gasoline] Pepsi (photo), 6.6
Jackson, Michael/Pepsi (photo), 6.6
Japanese glasses and sets (many photos), 92-5-7
Jeff Gordon Pepsi glass, 57.1
Jelly or not to Jelly, to (article), 51.8,24
Jetsons Kraft (1990) jelly jars, original promotion graphics 11.11; 12.3; 12.6; 30.20-21
Jetsons (mystery glass, photo), 38.22
Jimmy Blooper Sports Skwirts Ent Inc 1972 (photo), 83.28
Johnny Hart BC glasses, prototypes, bowls, samples article and photos, 99.27-31
Johnny Quest PGCA glass (photo), 92.1
Jurrasic Park set photos, 106.27
Kagran, The Story Behind the Name..., 44.17
Keebler 135th Anniversary glass, 3.2
Kearfott, Ed and Edith, 97.26
Kentucky Derby Festival (1997), 45.21
Kentucky Derby Glass Collection Stolen, 14.6,15
Kentucky Derby Glass Collecting (article with photos), 53.6-7
Kentucky Derby/Kodak Trivia glass (1992), 18.7
Kentucky Derby 1940 glass, photo 112.30
Kentucky Derby 2003 official new issue, 76.29
Kentucky Derby 2005 official new issue (photo), 85.7
Kentucky Derby 2008 official new issue (photo), 96.4
Kentucky Derby 2012 official new issue (photo), 111.31
Kellogs Character Glass Offer Order Form, 48.3
Kid Sensor (1981) mystery glass (photo), 13.3
Kill Bill 2 Movie glass shooter (photo), 82.5
King Kong Burger Chef glasses advertising, 115.21
Kodak "Izzy" Gift Set (Atlanta Olympics 1996, from Indonesia), set of four, 38.16
Koenig, Walter Star Trek star glass collector story, 88.3
Korky Kups 1977 James L. Brown Mystery Glass, photo and article, 96.11
Kraft Jelly Peanuts tumblers set of four, 3.1
Laurel and Hardy (mystery glass photos), 44.22
Lead and Cadmium on glass, article and photo, 106.3
Lemieux Glasses Eat N Park advertising, 48.8
Lenticular the New Plastic Glass, 95.1
Libbey-St. Clair Glass promotion glasses set of 4, photos, 106.27
Libbey-St. Clair Glass promotion glasses single, photo, 107.30
Lids for glasses, various lids, photos and information 113.4-5
Liquid Sunshine Soda Glass and Bottle (photo), 63.3
Little Dot frosted glass (photo), 83.1
Little King comics by Oscar E. Soglow glasses, article and photos, 88.28-30
Little Lulu Boxed Set photo, 63.7
Lone Ranger Glass photo, 69.3
Long John Silver’s Columbus mugs set of four (newspaper ad, 1992), 18.21
Long John Silver’s Norman Rockwell mugs, 1.2
Long John Silver’s Nautical Crystal Mugs (newspaper ad & comment), 15.16-17
Looney Tunes 1930's (article with photos), 61.8-9
M & M set of 4 (photo), 52.17
M & M new issues 2007 (photo), 92-5
Madagascar 3 glasses from Spain, new issue 2012, photo 112.31
Magoo Mystery, The Untold Story (article with photo), 43.1,21
Marilyn Monroe European glasses, (photos), 100.1
Marineland Canada glasses Kandu,Nootka,Nemo (photos), 83.5
Mark Twain Riverboat Playhouse Mystery glasses article, 84.26-27
Mary Poppins France glasses (photo), 93.25
Marvel Hulk Thor glasses photo, 63.6
Marvel Comics PopFun glasses new issues 2009, (photos), 102.3-4
Materva Disney Pitcher and glasses, Spanish 1930's, 67.3
Matt Maloney Collector in the spotlight, photos and article, 96.5
Maxine 4 glass boxed set from Hallmark, photo, 81.4
McCrory Coke Christmas Glasses series 1982-96 checklist, 74.4
McDonald’s Batman Gotham City Mugs (1995), set of four, 31.6-7
McDonald’s Canadian character set (1996), 36.6-7
McDonald’s Characters set of six, first photo of set (mystery glasses--prototypes or foreign?), 30.15
McDonald’s Classic 50s set of four (1993), 23.1,16
McDonald’s Classic 50s set of four (1995), 32.16; 33.1,8
McDonald’s store opening mugs (photos), 11.8
McDonald’s/Coca-Cola Canadian Character set of four, 5.2
McDonald’s Convention and Commemorative Glassware (article with photos), 17.1,8-9
McDonald’s 1997 Convention, 40.17
McDonald’s Atlanta 1996 set of 6 from Italy, (photo), 39.7; 40.8
McDonald’s Atlanta (1996) Olympics (Puerto Rico 1995), set of three (photo), 39.6
McDonald’s Atlanta (1996) Olympics, 42.7-8
McDonald's Box Set 1970's, picture, 104.27
McDonald’s/Coke Atlanta 1996 (Malaysia) set of three, (photo), 40.8
McDonald's/Coke 2009 4 color set (photo) new issue, 101.4,5
McDonald’s/Disney World 25th Anniversary set of four (1996), 38.6-7
McDonald’s (1983) embossed arches Action Series, 6.7
McDonald’s Espana ‘82 (photo), (manufacturers ad copy), 6.7; 32.20
McDonald’s Garfield tumblers (photo), 6.7
McDonald’s Glassware Book Review, 58.9
McDonald’s International Coffee mugs, set of three, 7.1,4
McDonald’s Mac Tonight mugs and tumblers, 4.1-2; 5.2
McDonald's Manager Glass Glass City Story, 105.3
McDonald’s Mayor McCheese prototype (photo), 25.9
McDonald’s McDonaldland Sports Mugs, set of four (photo), 35.20
McDonald’s Monopoly, 42.6
McDonald’s Muppet Caper, gold and silver version (photo), 35.20
McDonald’s Muppet Caper Cartoonist Tells His Story, 43.16
McDonald’s Muppet Caper Glass Hanging Display (photo), 52.17
McDonald’s Nutcracker set of four, 12.10; 13.3,7
McDonald’s 1984 Olympics Manager’s Glass (photo), 6.7
McDonald’s Philadelphia Phillies Zubaz (1993) set of two, 23.16-17
McDonald’s Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame 1990 set of four, 11.1,13
McDonald’s Millenium Glasses new issues, 57.4-6
McDonald’s Regional Glasses (article with photos), 19.8-9
McDonald's Ronald McDonald glass set 2004 (photos), 81.5
McDonald’s Salutes Disneyland (1989) set of four, 6.1,18
McDonald’s Topps All Time Greatest Team (1993), set of ten, 23.16
McDonald's University of Miami National Championship Commemorative glass, (photos), 82.7
McDonald’s 1994 World Cup Soccer Set of Six, (ad photo), 42.19
McDonald's 2005 Celebrating 50 years Managers glasses set of 3, photos, 88.6
McDonaldland Characters on Tumblers and Mugs, Part I, 7.5-7
McDonaldland Characters on Tumblers and Mugs, Part II, 8.10-12
McDonaldland Characters on Tumblers and Mugs, Part III, 11.6-8
McDonaldland Characters on Tumblers and Mugs, Part III-B, 1977-80 Action Sets, 12.8-9
Measuring Glasses (articles with photos), 32.1,18-19,25
Merrie Melodies old glass with bird figures photo, 60.19
Mighty Mouse PGCA glass, photo, 97.1,4
Mighty Mouse Pepsi glass, photo, 107.1
Miller's Finer Homogenized Milk Dairy glass, 57.9
Milwaukee Braves set of eight (ca. 1957, photo), 26.22
Minnesota Twins/Union 76 (1991) World Championship glass, 18.7
Mistic [water] glass, 30.19
Mobil NFL glasses & carafes (1992 new issues), 17.5
Mobil Sports glasses checklist, (update), 22.15; 23.9
Mobil Sprite Detroit Pistons, 66.6
Mobile Foreign Car Series, 57.19
Monopoly Brand Gift Collection Mugs brochure, 50.26
Monsters Inc 2003 New Issue (photo), 79.6
Moran, Erin autograph on Happy Day's glass, 88.2
Mountain Dew flare with basketball net and hoop design (sample glass?), 30.19
Movie Glasses article and photos, 80.26-28
Mr. Peanut Glasses, 44.8
Multifunction Glasses Applied Color Label glassware, 57.18
Muppet Babies (Kraft, 1989), set of four, 9.3; 11.11
Muppets Glass photo, 89.29
Mystery Glass with elf figures - food container note, photo 112.27
NASCAR Kroger 200 glass (photo), 87.6
National Flag Foundation Americana ‘74 Bicentennial glasses, 45.1,8-9
NBA on NBC glass, 29.7
New York Giants Gifford, Modzelewski, Huff, Bote box set photo, 65.6
Networking - A Collecting Resource by Mike Vath, article, 76.30
NFL/[Shell] set of 28 (1993), 23.17,19
Nodel, Mark Green Lantern creator autographed glass, 88.2
Nursery Rhyme, Hazel Atlas, Snow White (mystery glass, photo), 32.21
Nutella Warner Brothers, Flintstones, and Jetsons, 34.7; 42.20
Nutella (many photos and discussion), 42.20-21
Nutella (photos), 43.7
Nutella Italian Glasses NG - bicchieri promozionali book review, 60.18
Ollieburger World's Greatest Hamburger glass picture, 105.1
Oreo Glass Set, 44.8
Oreo Cookies Glasses, 59.5
Owens Illinois Annual Service Award glasses article with photo, 73.1-4
Packing glasses for shipment, 1.2-4; 7.2-3; 14.12
Pac Man Carafe (photos), 83.28
Pappy Parker’s Chicken 7 Hot Shoppes Jr. Hamburgers, historic photos 41.17
Pat Collins Hip Hypnotist Mystery Glass article, photo, 109.5
Patriotic Glasses Photo & Discussion, 69.2
Patterson, Gary, In Search of..., feature article with photos, 35.1, 8-9, 16-17
Patterson, Gary, Ice Buckets (mystery glasses, photo), 40.17
Peanut Butter Glasses Book Review, 59.7
Peanut Butter Glasses 2nd Edition Book Review, 72.3
Peanuts sets, 28.18
Peanuts characters New Issues (photos), 78.30
Peanuts characters New Issues (photos), 79.5-6
Pepe Le Pew Popfun glass, photo, 110.30
Pepsi Blue Whale (mystery glass, photo), 26.22
Pepsi/Burger King (Canada) fountain glass, 27.8-9
Pepsi Central Virginia set of six, 20.6
Pepsi Christmas (1983) set of four with original Christmas house packing box, 31.15
Pepsi Christmas (1992) set of four, 20.1,6
Pepsi (1992) Season’s Greetings, 20.1,6
Pepsi (1993) Christmas set of three, 24.18
Pepsi (1994) Christmas set of four, 27.9; 28.6
Pepsi (1995) Christmas set of four, 33.8
Pepsi (1996) Christmas set of 4, 39.6; 41.21
Pepsi (1996) Christmas single issue, (photo), 45.6,7
Pepsi and Christmas--A Season Tradition (article with photos), 39.1, 8-9
Pepsi (1997) Fall Crawl, Pittsburgh, 44.6
Pepsi 1998 Christmas South Star Promotions, 74.18
Pepsi 2012 New Issues from, photos, 110.30
Pepsi-Cola Fountain and Character Glasses, The First . . . (article with graphics), 29.8-9
Pepsi-Cola Logos Through the Years (brief article with listing/photocopies of all the logos), 30.8-9
Pepsi-Cola Plant Opening Glasses, article and photos, with glasses checklist, 115.4-6
Pepsi Collectors Convention 2007 glass, photo, 95.4
Pepsi "Dockan" (mystery glass, photo), 26.22
Pepsi Happy Birthday Mickey Promotional Placemats (photocopies from the archives), 44.20.21
Pepsi Hard Rock Cafe 2004 - 50 years of rock glasses, article, photos, checklist 82.1,4
Pepsi Indiana Jones Chronicles Young Indy set of 4 (photo) 54.18-19
Pepsi Jungle Book , 5.6
Pepsi Kentucky Derby Festival, 45.21
Pepsi Lord of the Rings w. Sisi/7UP Europe Set (photos), 80.4
Pepsi Marketing Promotions, Interview with Dave Leonard, Part I, 22.1,6-9
Pepsi Marketing Promotions, Interview with Dave Leonard, Part II, 23.1,6-9
Pepsi/Michael Jackson sample glass (photo), 23.8
Pepsi Mighty Mouse (photo), 6.6
Pepsi (diet)/Mobil "uh huh" glass & decanter, 18.7
Pepsi New Issues 2005 article (photos), 84.6
Pepsi Nintendo (Holland) Robocop 3 and The Adams Family, 42.22
Pepsi Ozark Mountain Collectors’ Club glass (Branson, MO, 1995), 31.8; 32.7
Pepsi and Pete: Reproduction Alert, 37.3
Pepsi Pink Panther (mystery glass, photo), 32.21
Pepsi/Pizza Hut/Ohio Sea World Monster Marsh set of four (1994), 27.1
Pepsi Ponderosa Glass (article and photo), 70.4
Pepsi Point of Purchase Displays 1975 illustrations, 47.8-9
Pepsi Prototypes Come to Light (article with photos), 13.1,6-7
Pepsi Prototypes to be Auctioned in Nov. 17, 1991 GMS Auction, 15.14-15
Pepsi Prototypes (feature story with photos), 16.1,5
Pepsi Ringling Brothers Combined Circus glass variations, article and photos, 94.6
Pepsi Ringling Brothers Combined Circus glass Federal variations, article and photos, 115.14-15
Pepsi Steelers 1997 Schedule, 44.6
Pepsi Superheroes Original Promotional Graphics from the Premium Group,
25.16-19; 26.17-20; 27.21-24
Pepsi/Total Oil Detroit Redwings set of four, 6.7
Pepsi Thailand Star Wars Set of Four, 42.7
Pepsi Warner Brothers 1973 Set Checklist and notes, 106.4-5
Pepsi Warner Brothers 1973 Set Interesting Facts, 106.30-31
Pepsi Winter Cool Collection, set of four, 12.1, 10; 13.3
Peter Pan Canadian set of six (photo & comment), 16.13
Peter Pan Canadian Big Chief glasses variations, photo, 106.28
Peter Pan/Derby Foods glasses (original advertising copy), 31.20-21
Peter Pan/Derby Peanut Butter glasses lids - caps advertising poster and lid, 113.5
Peter Pan juice glass (photo), 99.28
P.G.C.A. Initials article, 108.28
Phantom (mystery glass from Melbourne, Australia), photo, 18.17
Pharmacist measuring glass from Wales, 69.5
Pin Back Button Button Who's got the Button Article, photos, listings, 109.26-28
Pin Back Button glass, photo, mystery glass, 114.17
Pink Floyd Box Set new issue, photos, 91.6-7
Pink Panther, Nutella set of four, 42.20
Pittsburgh Penguins/Foodland mugs, set of four (1993, photo), 22.22
Pittsburgh Pirates/Budweiser, 44.6
Pittsburgh Post Gazette Newspaper Headlines set of four (1993 ad), 22.21
Pizza Hut Australian Glasses, 99.4
Plastic Cup Collectibles Book Review, 57.8
Plastic Tumblers--To Collect or Not Collect, 3.3
Plastic (or Acrylic), Real Men (and Women) Don’t Collect . . . 28.15
Police Academy glass, photo, 106.28
Polly Power Kendall Oil glass, mystery glass article, photos, 109.5
Polly Power Kendall Oil glass, Polly's Pitch article, photos, 110.5
Popeye European glass with hat (photo), 92-5
Popeye Goon glass with color band, picture, 67.22
Popeye Pirates set of 6 (auction picture), 89.6
Popeye Pyrex Measuring Cup photo, 65.7
Porky Pig, Looney Tunes from 30s-40s (mystery glass, photo), 37.21; [mystery solved], 38.22; more info, 39.22; see Looney Tunes
Power Rangers Glass Set photos, 89.29
Power Rangers Glass Set (photos), 104.28
Promotional Glass Collectors’ Assoc. Members only Pepsi glass, 34.6
Promotional Glass Collectors’ Association June 1997 Indianapolis Meeting (article with photos), 43.8-9
Promotional Glass Collectors Association Dec 97 Grayslake (article with Photos), 46.1,16
Promotional Glass Collectors Association Indy in June 1998 (article with photos), 49.1,21
Promotional Glass Collectors Association Indy in June 2001 article, 67.23
Promotional Glass Collectors Association Indy in June 2002 article with herp glass photos, 73.3
Promotional Glass Collectors Association PA Meeting Spring 2003 article with two pages of pictures: Coke, Wendys, Looney Tunes, McDonalds, Lady and Tramp, Disney Globetrotters, Flintstones, Jolly Jumbo. 77.6,7,28
Promotional Glass Collectors Association Club Glass Photos, 75.5
Promotional Glass Collectors Association Club Glass Photos of all current glasses, 94.28-30
Promotional Glass Collectors Association Web Site Database article, instructions, 76.5-6
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2003 Annual Meeting Minutes, President Letter, Show & Tell, Club Glass, 78.1,3-6,28
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2004 Annual Meeting Minutes,
Show & Tell, Annual Meeting in Pictures, (photos), 82.26-28
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2005 Annual Meeting Minutes,
Show & Tell, Article, Pictures & Springfield Extravaganza pictures (photos), 85.3,25-29
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2006 Annual Meeting Pictures, Show & Tell, 89.29-30
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2007 Annual Meeting notes in brief, 93.26
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2007 Fall PA Meeting notes in brief, 94.4
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2008 Annual Meeting Agenda, 96.3
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2008 Annual Meeting Reflections, article with photos 97.6
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2008 Annual Meeting in Pictures & Show and Tell, article with photos 97.28-30
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2009 April Allentown, PA Get together, 101.15
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2009 Summer Annual Meeting, Columbus, OH photo gallery, 101.30-31
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2011 Financial Report, 108.31
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2011 Summer Annual Meeting, Columbus, OH group photo and photo gallery, 108.1,25-26
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2011 Summer Annual Meeting, Columbus, OH meeting minutes, 108.24
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2011 Fall Meeting, Fogelsville, PA article and group photo, 109.4,30
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2012 Financial Statements 112.32
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2012 Summer Annual meeting minutes 112.33,34
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2012 Summer Annual meeting photo-group picture 112.1
Promotional Glass Collectors Association 2012 Financial Statements 114.13-14
Publications (collectibles), names and addresses, 3.1-2
Quake-Proofing Your Collection (article with ad copy), 27.6
Quiz - Glasses quiz from early PGCA Glass Alley Grayslake meeting 101.11
Raggedy Ann and Andy (Bobbs-Merrill), 10.11
RC Cola Christmas glass (Houze), 45.22
RC Cola Italian glasses (article with photo), 70.1,4-5
RC Cola Pepe's Restaurant glass, picture, 71.19-20
Reader Survey form, 31.17; Survey Results, 32.8-9
Red Steer Knowledge Gap Settled at Last, 9.11
Real Santa ad with photo, 64.24
Renninger's Antique Show Glass Dealers Photos, 67.6
Restaurant Glasses, 105.1,30-31.
Richard Petty STP glass (photos), 54.18-19
Richie Rich frosted glass (photo), 83.1
Rinker, Harry, Interview with..., 36.1, 8-9, 16-19
Robin Hood Flour glasses (article with photo, stickers), 57.7
Rock and Roll Glasses sets, (photos), 90.5
Rocketdyne 25 th Anniversary Space Glasses, (photos), 110.3,4
Rockwell, Norman: 1992 BP Glassware Collection set of six (ad copy), 22.16
Rockwell, Norman: "Sporting Boys" set of four, 27.9,11
Rockwell, Norman: Kwik-Fill Gas Stations (1996), set of four and carafe (photo), 37.6-7
Rockwell, Norman: Milk Promotion Offer (1997), 43.6-7
Roger Hargreaves original box set photo, 65.7
Ross Dress for Less Stores new issues, article and photos, 107.3,4
Round Hound Pepsi glass, photo, 107.1
Round Table Pizza classic automobile set of four (1989), 9.12
Route 66 70th Anniversary glass, 45.6,21
Roy Rogers/Baltimore Orioles Camden Yards glass (1992), 19.16
Royal Crown Cola Safedge glasses set of 6 and box article and photos, 79.27-28
Sam's Town Coca-Cola glass Holiday 2005 photo, 87.5
Scooby-Doo/Coke Kollect-A-Set 1975 (mystery glass photo & comment), 17.17
Scooby-Doo New Issue 2011 set (photo), 109.1
Scooby-Doo/7-Eleven (Mystery Glass, photo), 12.12; 14.12
Screen Gems set of 8 (mystery glasses, photo), 39.22
Sea Quest glasses and mug (Universal Studios, California), 29.6
Sea World/Exxon (1989, 1992) set of four, 20.16
Sea World pedestal glasses (photos), 83.5
Sears Pest Control set of eight glasses (photo), 34.20
See through glasses, article and photos, 115.7-9
Shell Oil NFL Team glasses (1994 set of thirty), 27.1,8
Simpsons Spencer Gifts glasses (photos), 71.18
Simpsons Spencer Gifts glasses new issues (photos), 79.4
Simpsons Spencer Gifts glasses new issues (photos), 82.5
Simpsons Spencer Gifts glasses new issues (photos), 85.6
Sinclair Gasoline 75th Anniversary set of four (1991), 14.1, 13
Sirup’s Pam Pam set of six, 14.13
Size Variations (article with photo), 62.8-9
Slow Poke Rodriguez short Pepsi glass (photos), 93.1, 4
Slurpee Superheroes plastic cups (article with photos), 51.1,4-5,22-23
Smucker’s Jelly Peanuts characters glasses, 27.9,11
Smurfs Blue People Smurfs Story, 96.24
Smurfs (Canadian Texaco 1990), set of four, 13.7
Smurfs (mystery glass, photos), 31.15
Smurfs (mystery glass, photos), 114.17
Smurfs, Nutella, 42.21
Smurfs Spanish new issue 2012, photo 112.31
Smokey the Bear mugs and drinking glasses, 45.7,21
Snow White Bama Jelly glasses set, ad, 71.4-5,18
Sonic Restaurant Glasses article and photos, 105.1,30-31
Sour Cream glasses Book Review, 72.3
Souvenir Tumblers article with photos, state, city, attraction glasses, 101.16-18
Space glasses (mystery glass), 15.3
Space Glasses: A Pictorial (detailed pencil drawings of the glasses), 29.18-21
Spiderman (mystery glass), photo, 18.17
Spiderman new issues 2009 ROSS store, (photos) 102.5
Spiderman 'Toon Tumblers New York Comic-Con glass, photo, 88.1
Spiderman 'Toon Tumblers glasses, (article and photos), 89.4
Spiderman Wine Glass 30th anniversary goblet, article and photos, 104.30
Sport Goofy Canadian glass, photo, 89.30
Sports Logo Drinking glasses, article and photos, checklist, 86.5-7,29
Star Trek Burger King 2009 new issue (photo), 101.4,5
Star Trek mugs (heat/cold sensitive, characters disappear-reappear), photos, 15.17-18
Star Trek mugs (crew & Enterprise), ad copy, 18.9
Star Trek (1976) set of four, photocopy of original promotional flyer, 27.20
Star Trek Spock glass, set of 4 glasses, Vandor 2010, picture, 104.4
Star Trek 25 glass, photo, 106.28
Star Wars Australian (photo), 56.1,8-9
Star Wars Australian (photo) article, 99.1,4
Star Wars Ben Kenobi (mystery glass, photo), 20.17; 62.6
Star Wars Burger King Coke prototype set & overlays (photos), 83.4
Star Wars Glasses-Strange and Unusual, 81.26-28
Star Wars Glasses-Unusual style from different country, photos, 89.30
Starks Restaurant Glass picture, 105.1
State Frosted glasses, modern from Catstudio, ad photo, 93.6
Sunday Funnies, Broom Hilda, 6.3; 19.17
Sunday Funnies, Dick Tracy--$25 Reward for photograph of it! 10.12; 11.9
Sunoco College Team glasses (1993), ad copy, 23.9
Sunoco American Wildlife Glasses (printed ad & comment), set of four, 15.17
Sunoco Mickey Mouse through the Years (Canada 1988) set of six, 4.1
Super Action Baseball Character Series: What Was and Might Have Been (article with photos & listing), 26.6-7
Super Chick (mystery glass, photo), 19.17
Super Hero Brazil glasses Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Superman (photos), 76.29
Super Hero Vandor 2010 Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman,Green Lantern set of 4, picture, 104.1,4
Super Hero Vandor 2011 Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonderwoman set of 4, (photo), 109.2
Superman Six Flags 2003 new issue (photos), 75.20
Superman 1964 Polaner Jelly glasses Article and Survey, 77.4,5
Superman 1964 Polaner Jelly glasses w. labels pictures, 77.8
Superman Pepsi glass Burger Chef advertising, 115.20
Superman 'Toon Tumbler 2010 Superman trio glass, picture, 104.26
Swankyswig glass with Libbey Logo (article, illustration), 47.21
Swankyswig series discoverd Shefford Cheese Company, 54.9
Swankyswig spelling variation, correction, 57.3
Swanky Swigs overview (article and photo), 54.8
Swanky Swigs 1930's - 1970's book review, 72.3
Swanky Swig Rare Glass red diamonds from round dots (photo), 83.7
Swanky Swigs Return article with (photos), 81.1,4
Sylvester Sidewinder glass, description and picture,77.8
Tacoma Dome Show, 3.3-4
Tables made of Glasses, 50.22
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nutella, 42.21
Terry Toons glass set in package (photo) 54.1,18
Texaco Major League Baseball set of twenty-eight (1994 order form), 26.8
Texaco Gasoline (mystery glasses, photo), 33.20
Texas Sesquicentennial (Shell 1990), set of six, 13.7
Three Years and Out article by Carl Sehnert - Glassnert Auction, 105.18
Tim Horton Beignes tall cooler glass photo, 50.25
Tom and Jerry Spanish new issue 2012, photos, 112.31
Tomart's Price Guide Review, 58.8
'Toon Tumblers Article & interview with Popfun, 84.1,4-5,30
'Toon Tumblers TV Show Big Bang Theory glass sightings, photo, 107.4
'Toon Tumblers Hot Stuff New Issue, (photo), 86.30
'Toon Tumblers New Issues and pictures of Mid Ohio Comic Con, 87.3-4
'Toon Tumblers New Issues superhoeros (photos), 93.5
'Toon Tumblers Superheroes Spiderman, Hulk, Thor, Thing, Iron Man glass, 91.1,3-4
'Toon Tumblers Little Dot and Wendy glass, 91.4
'Toon Tumblers Superheroes Glasses (photos), 92.7
'Toon Tumblers Superheroes Glass DC Comics Wizard 2008 (photo), 97.5
'Toon Tumblers Batman Comic Con DC Comics 2008 glass (photo), article, 98.1,2,30
'Toon Tumblers checklist 2009, 100.30
'Toon Tumblers Superhero glass, photo, 110.29
'Toon Tumblers Superhero Pitcher & glasses, Green Lantern glasses 103.1,25
Toot’N Totum Norman Rockwell set of four, 34.6
Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey glass Dave Keon variation, 66.2
Tracy, Dick (late 40s) set of 8, 5.6
Tracy, Dick (Disney 1990), photos, 11.13
Trading cards with glasses, PGCA meeting 2013 115.11
TV and Movie Glasses (article with photos), 51.6-7
TV Guide glasses brochure, 61.7,24
TV Land Glass Set and Box (photo), 92.27
Twelve Days of Christmas, 4.1,3
Ugly Glass Contest PGCA 2006 Annual meeting rules and pictures, 86.1
Vandor New Issues:Superheroes,Star Trek,Betty Boop,Gone with the Wind,Beatles,Elvis,Wizard of Oz 104.1,4-5,25-26
Visual Creations non Pepsi glasses, article and pictures, 77.12
Volpe Sports Tumblers checklist (article with photos), 59.8-9,19
Vue-lon Goya Plastic-Coated Iced Tea glasses (mystery glasses, photo), 33.20
Waldo-Astoria Dinner Theatre actor and actress glasses, article and photos, 107.5
Wallace N’ Ladmo Show (mystery glass photo), 14.12
Walter Lantz Decal Style glasses pictures, 68.1,4
Walter Lantz Pepsi Brockway Test set of 6, auction photos, 95.7
War Stories in Glasses (article w. photos by Walter Giersbach), 78.26-27
Warner Brothers (1989) Canadian Sunoco set of six, 7.1,4
Warner Brothers (1995) Christmas set of three, 33.8
Warner Brothers (Canadian, Pioneer Gasoline, 1990) Bugs 50th set of four, 13.3,7
Warner Brothers (1990) Six Flags, two sets of four, 11.1
Warner Brothers (1993) Looney Tunes set of eight [ten], 24.1,18; 25.22; 26.9,21
Warner Brothers/D.C. Comics (1993) set of six superheroes, 24.1,18
Warner Brothers Double Character (1995) set of eight, 30.1,18
Warner Brothers: The Early Years (article with photos), 67.1,6-7,25.
Warner Brothers Single Character (1996) set of six (photos), 36.6-7; set of eight, 37.6-7
Warner Brothers highball glasses, 29.6
Warner Brothers iced tea set of four (1995), 30.1,18
Warner Brothers 32 oz. pedestals, 30.1,19
Warner Brothers 1973 Type Checklist, 24.17
Warner Brothers 1990's Checklist (photos), 53.8-9
Warner Brothers 2000 in Austalia (photos), 63.1,4
Warner Brothers 2003 New Issues (photos), 75.19-20
Warner Brothers, An Abbreviated History, an informative article, 39.18-19
Warner Brothers Decanter unusual colors, photo, 89.30
Warner Brothers Large Letter Glasses (article with photo), 90.7,29
Warner Brothers New Issues Glasses sets (photos), 109.1,2
Warner Brothers Pepsi 1973 Checklist and notes, 106.4-5
Warner Brothers Pepsi 1973 Interesting Facts, 106.30-31
Warner Brothers Pepsi 1973 Pitcher, article and photo, 109.30
Warner Brothers Pepsi 1973 Wile Coyote glass with red outlines, unusual find 113.35
Warner Brothers Store Glasses (article with photo, new issues), 47.1,6-7
Warner Brothers Tapered black and white glasses, picture, 71.18-19
Warner Brothers 'Toon Tumblers new issues, picture, 112.1
Warner Brothers Tweety 1974 from toothbrush set, photo, 89.30
Water Spots on glasses, 53.3
Wax [drinking cups], A Case for..., 38.2-3
John Wayne 2010 glass with box from Vandor, picture, 104.26
Web sites with glasses and soda pop information, 115.18
Welch’s Checklist article (photos), 65.1,23-24
Welch’s Concord Grape Story, 55.6-7
Welch's Curious George 2005 jelly set (photo), 85.7
Welch’s Dinosaurs (1988-89) set of four, 5.1; 8.13; 11.10
Welch's Dragon Tales set of six, 77.1,3
Welch’s Endangered Species set of twelve, 32.16; 33.8-9
Welch's Grape Juice old etched glass picture, 67.3
Welch's Historical Archive information from 1982, photos, samples, letters, 113.27-29
Welch's lids various photos 113.4-5
Welch's Nuetron, Jimmy, set, pictures, 71.4
Welch’s Peanuts set of seven brochure, 65.4
Welch’s Pokemon set of nine, 59.1,4
Welch's Prepro juice glass photo 113.1
Welch’s Tom and Jerry jam glasses, 10.4; 11.10
Welch’s Tom and Jerry Sport Collector Series (1991-92) set of four, 18.1,6
Welch’s Tom and Jerry "The Movie," (comment & ad copy) 22.16,17
Welch’s Looney Tunes Collectible Jelly Glasses (1994 ad copy) set of twelve, 26.21; 29.7
Welch’s Warner Brothers Looney Tunes Special Edition (1995) set of six, 31.6,8
Welch’s World Wildlife Fund set of six, 41.6-7
Welch’s Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss set of six, 41.7; 42.6
Welch's Muppets in Space advertising, 49.8
Welch's Jelly Glass Lids 1998, 52.22
West on Glass, Collecting the (article, photos), 48.1,20-21
White Castle stained glass, 24.19
Wichita Wings, Johnson’s General Store, 1980-81 set of ten, 10.6; 11.11
Williamson, Barrie and Gail Collection on HGTV show, 76.2
Winnie the Pooh 2003 New Issues (photos), 79.5-6
Winnie the Pooh 2004 New Issues (photos), 80.5
Winnie the Pooh 2006 New Issues (photos), 88.5
Witch 2006 new issues, photos, 88.5-6
Wizard of Oz, Books of Wonder 1989, 10.6; 12.10
Wizard of Oz Character and Promotional Glass Summary, 10.7-9
Wizard of Oz, Coke/Krystal set of six, 7.4; 8.1; brochure, 62.1
Wizard of Oz Dorothy glass breaks auction price record (photo), 19.17
Wizard of Oz blue Dorothy glass (mystery glass, photo), 28.19
Wizard of Oz/Kansas/Kentucky Fried Chicken Land of Ahs set of four, 21.16
Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys yellow color glass photo, 60.19
Wizard of Oz/Swift’s Oz Mobile Photocopy, 43.22
Wizard of Oz, Whataburger 50th Anniversary, 7.4
Wizard of Oz Munchins of Oz glass, 56.7
Woody Woodpecker Universal Studios, 59.5
World Cup Soccer (1994), 26.8; 31.6; 42.1,20
World Wrestling Foundation (Canada, Sunoco 1990) set of six, 11.1,13
World Wrestling Foundation/Swartz Peanut Butter (Canada), 6.10
Wuzzles (mystery glasses, photo & comment), 17.17
X-Men Popfun 'Toon Tumblers (article & photos), 89.4
Yankees, New York (Cristal, 1996), 38.6, 16
York Hockey glasses (Canada), article, list, with photo, 26.16

last updated August, 2012 (PGCA)