The Wizard and the Troll from Magic Mountain

Original release: April 2002
Byline: Carl and Mary Sehnert

troll glasses and mug

Before there was Harry Potter there was the Wizard of Magic Mountain. Before there was the vicious troll of the Sorcerers Stone there was the Happy Troll of Magic Mountain. Before there was Six Flags California there
was the Magic Mountain Amusement Park.

A few years back Magic Mountain became Six Flags and thankfully for glass collectors both the Wizard of Magic Mountain and the Happy Troll of Magic Mountain were caught on glass for us to remember them by. Because they were such colorful characters for the time, I have always been fascinated with them. Currently I have four different troll pieces: two different 5 5/8” glasses, a 2 3/8” shot glass and a 2 ½” ceramic cup. I have The Wizard on five pieces: a 6” mug, a 5 ½” glass, a 4 Ύ” glass, a 3 3/8” glass, and a 3 1/8” milk glass cup.

wizard glassesColorful, fun and no longer in use these characters have found a home in our collection. I am sure there are more out there that we do not have. If anyone has different ones than we have here we would like to hear about them and if by chance they are for sale we would be interested. These characters will make you smile and in today’s world that is very important. 



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