The Complete Welch’s Checklist

By Mark E. Chase

With another new Welch's glass promotion coming out this year, I'm convinced more than everthat the number of Welch's glass collectors will someday surpass the number of Pepsi glass collectors. Twenty to thirty years ago, Pepsi was king of the hill in terms of the diversity of promotional glasses produced. What have we seen from Pepsi in the past 10 years? No more than a few Christmas sets and some regional promotions. The best Pepsi glasses in recent years have been coming from overseas, particularly the European and Australian market.

       It seems to me that the next generation of collectors may find the range of Welch's glasses much more interesting and challenging to collect. Most of the individual glasses in the post 1980's sets are still valued at less than $2.00 - $3.00 each. There is a nice range of new trendy characters and classic cartoon personalities to find. What a great way for new collectors to get started.

       Another element that makes the Welch's glasses an exciting area to collect is the difficulty (or perhaps impossibility) of collecting all the variations. Once you get all the easy sets, you can try to amass the different bottoms and color variations. Samples and prototypes occassionally appear.

       One of the documentation elements missing from all of the glass reference guides is a complete Welch's listings. Our book shows a few. The Tomart book lists them all, but they are scattered throughout the book in different categories. Here is a complete list of all 28 Welch's glass promotions that have been done for a total of 1238 glasses in all. Special thanks to Welch's collector Richard Patterson for his corrections and updates.



Complete list of all 28 Welch's glass promotions

 from the 1950 to 2002.


1. Kagran Howdy Doody - set of 6, each glass available in 3 different colors and with 6 different bottoms

         ڤ Doodyville Elephant Squirts Clarabell!

         ڤ  Clarabell Gets A Kick Out of Circus Mule!

         ڤ  Drinking Grape Juice is Seal's Favorite Act

         ڤ  Dilly Dally is Circus Big Shot!

         ڤ  Here Comes Music for Doodyville Circus

         ڤ  Clarabell Tries Tiger Trick!

2. Howdy Doody (1953) - Musical Notes - set of 6, 3 glasses available in 3 colors, 3 glasses available in 4 different colors, 6 different bottoms

         ڤ  Hey Kids! Come on along. Your Welch's sure helps make

         your strong

         ڤ Hey Kids! What a shot. Just like Welch's it hits the spot

         ڤ  Hey Kids! Ding Dong Dell. Ring for Welch's. You'll like it


         ڤ  Hey Kids! On land or sea Welch's tastes best. We all


         ڤ  Hey Kids! Hip hip hooray. Welch's leads the parade.

         ڤ  Hey Kids! Wherever we eat, Welch's is our favorite treat

3. Davy Crockett - set of 6, 3 glasses available in 3 colors, 3 glasses available in 3 different colors

         ڤ  Davy fought this war you see So Texas people could be


         ڤ  Davy was a happy boy With flintlock rifle for a toy

         ڤ  Davy had a creed that said Be sure you're right then go


         ڤ  Steady nerves and trigger squeeze Davy wins it in a


         ڤ  Ol' Grumpy Bear made his mistake A fight with Davy

         sealed his fate

         ڤ  When Davy met an Indian foe He dealt him just one

         mighty blow

4. Flintstones (1962) - set of 6, 8 different colors, 5 different bottoms (no Bamm-Bamm or Dino)

         ڤ  Fred in his sports car

         ڤ Fred and Barney play golf

         ڤ Having a Ball

         ڤ Fred and Barney bowl duckpins

         ڤ Fred's newest invention

         ڤ Fred and his pal at work

5. Flintstones (1963) - set of 2, 8 different colors, 7 different bottoms

         ڤ Pebbles' baby sitters

         ڤ Fred builds a doll cave

6. Flintstones (1964) - set of 6, 8 different colors, 7 different bottoms

         ڤ Pebbles lands a fish

         ڤ Fred and Barney Play baseball

         ڤ Bedrock pet show

         ڤ Fred goes hunting

         ڤ Pebbles' birthday party

         ڤ Pebbles at the beach

7. Archies (1971) - set of 6, 7 different bottoms (no Mr. Weatherbee)

         ڤ Reggie makes the scene

         ڤ Hot Dog goes to school

         ڤ Archie taking the gang for a ride

         ڤ Betty and Veronica fashion show

         ڤ Sabrina cleans her room

         ڤ Archies having a jam session

8. Archies (1973) - set of 6, 7 different bottoms

         ڤ Archie gets a helping hand

         ڤ Friends are for sharing

         ڤ Sabrina calls the play

         ڤ Mr. Weatherbee drops in

         ڤ Betty and Veronica give a party

         ڤ Jughead wins the pie eating contest

9. Warner Bros (1974) - set of 8, 6 different bottoms plus one with no embossment

         ڤ Th-th-th-that's all folks!

         ڤ What's up Doc? Fresh carrots?

         ڤ Bugs leads a merry chase

         ڤ Speedy snaps up the cheese

         ڤ Thufferin' Thuccotash

         ڤ I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

         ڤ Wile E. heads for a big finish!

         ڤ Foghorn switches Henery's egg

10. NFL Helmet Glasses (1975) - set of 2

         ڤ AFC

         ڤ NFC

11. Warner Bros (1976) - set of 8, 6 different bottoms

         ڤ Road Runner

         ڤ Yosemite Sam

         ڤ Porky Pig

         ڤ Tweety

         ڤ Bugs Bunny

         ڤ Daffy Duck

         ڤ Elmer Fudd

         ڤ Foghorn Leghorn

12. NFL Conference Series (1976) - set of 6

         ڤ AFC Eastern division

         ڤ AFC Central division

         ڤ AFC Western division

         ڤ NFC Eastern division

         ڤ NFC Central division

         ڤ NFC Western division

13. Dinosaurs (1988) - set of 4, two variations (dated & undated)

         ڤ Brontosaurus

         ڤ Stegosaurus

         ڤ Pterodactyl

         ڤ Tyrannosaurus Rex

14. Tom & Jerry (1990) - set of 4

         ڤ Tom on skates

         ڤ Jerry flying kite

         ڤ Tom on surfboard

         ڤ Jerry on skateboard

15. Tom & Jerry (1992) - set of 4

         ڤ Baseball

         ڤ Football

         ڤ Soccer

         ڤ Tennis

16. Tom & Jerry The Movie (1993) - set of 4

         ڤ Dancing

         ڤ Moving

         ڤ Running

         ڤ Valentine hearts & girl

17. Warner Bros. Looney Tunes (1994) - set of 12, two versions (different shaped glasses)

         ڤ #1 Bugs and the carrot patch

         ڤ #2 Pepe Le Pew in love

         ڤ #3 Sylvester stalking Tweety

         ڤ #4 Daffy catching ball

         ڤ #5 Tasmanian Devil blowing bubbles

         ڤ #6 Sylvester eyeing Tweety

         ڤ #7 Foghorn snoring

         ڤ #8 Road Runner with Wile E. rocketing off cliff

         ڤ #9 Speedy on the run

         ڤ #10 Yosemite outside Bugs' hole

         ڤ #11 Elmer, Daffy, Bugs, hunting season

         ڤ #12 That's all folks!

18. Warner Bros. Special Edition (1995) - set of 6

         ڤ #1 Bugs pitching to himself

         ڤ #2 Tweety & Sylvester on limb

         ڤ #3 Wile E. & Roadrunner with falling rock

         ڤ #4 Henery holding up Foghorn

         ڤ #5 Tasmanian Devil whirling through tree

         ڤ #6 Marvin Martian & K-9 - Surrender Earthling

19. Endangered Species (1995) - set of 12

         ڤ #1 Giant Panda

         ڤ #2 Black Rhino

         ڤ #3 Grevy's Zibra

         ڤ #4 Cheetah

         ڤ #5 Siberian Tiger

         ڤ #6 Humpback Whale

         ڤ #7 Mandrill

         ڤ #8 Mountain Gorilla

         ڤ #9 Asian Elephant

         ڤ #10 Speckled Bear

         ڤ #11 American Crocodile

         ڤ #12 Hawkbill Sea Turtle

20. Endangered Species (1996) - set of 6

         ڤ #1 Florida Panther

         ڤ #2 Manatee

         ڤ #3 Key Deer

         ڤ #4 Red Wolf

         ڤ #5 Mexican Grizzly

         ڤ #6 Peregrin Falcon

21. The Wubbulous World of Dr. Suess (1996) - set of 6

         ڤ #1 Cat in the Hat and Zubble-Wump

         ڤ #2 Horton and friends

         ڤ #3 Grinch and friends

         ڤ #4 Thidwick and friends

         ڤ #5 Yertle the Turtle and friends

         ڤ #6 Cat in the Hat, Norval, and friends

22. Winnie-The-Pooh (1997) - set of 6

         ڤ Winnie and Owl

         ڤ Winnie and Tigger

         ڤ Winnie and Piglet

         ڤ Winnie and Christopher Robin

         ڤ Winnie and Eeyore

         ڤ Winnie and Rabbit

23. Muppet's In Space (1998) - set of 6

         ڤ #1 Kermit in command

         ڤ #2 Miss Piggy: a shining star

         ڤ #3 Fozzie Bear gets a giggle

         ڤ #4 Gonzo the Great blasts off

         ڤ #5 Rizzo's lunar launch

         ڤ #6 Animal jams with the stars

24. Lion King II Simba's Pride (1998) - set of 6

         ڤ #1 The circle of life continues

         ڤ #2 Good friends stick together

         ڤ #3 Let your dreams take wing

         ڤ #4 The journey is filled with fun

         ڤ #5 Some days be extra brave

         ڤ #6 Love will find a way

25 The Spirit of Mickey - set of 6

         ڤ #1 A friend in need

         ڤ #2 The Spirit of Mickey - Lunch buddies

         ڤ #3 The Spirit of Mickey - A pleasant surprise

         ڤ #4 The Three Caballeros - Friendship fiesta

         ڤ #5 A Goofy Movie - Father & Son time

         ڤ #6 Melody Time - Friendship, Music & Fun          

26. Pokemon (2000) - set of 9

         ڤ #1 - #25 Pikachu

         ڤ #2 - #04 Charmander

         ڤ #3 - #01 Bulbasaur

         ڤ #4 - #52 Meowth

         ڤ #5 - #07 Squirtle

         ڤ #6 - #61 Piliwhirl

         ڤ #7 - #54 Psyduck

         ڤ #8 - #66 Clefairy

         ڤ #9 - Togepi

27. Peanuts (2001) - set of 7

         ڤ #1 That'll Be Five Cents, Please.

         ڤ #2 A Lap For A Nap.

         ڤ #3 Let's See If It Flies.

         ڤ #4 It's Kick Off Time

         ڤ #5 Let's Just Play Along.

         ڤ #6 Two For Lunch, Please.

         ڤ #7 Flying Ace And His Mechanic.
28. Jimmy Neurton (2002) - set of 6

         ڤ #1 Greetings from Jimmy's house.

         ڤ #2 Gotta Blast.

         ڤ #3 Class show and tell.

         ڤ #4 Asteroid Field

         ڤ #5 Poyain's on the loose.

         ڤ #6 It's all good in Retroville.



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