Thai Glasses

Original release: August, 2001
Byline: Brent Senhert


Get Lucky? You will be if you collect foreign glasses. Thailand is putting out more new issue glasses than any other country right now and for that we can be lucky, or thank Lucky, the Producer of these new glasses. The bottom of the glass has a circle with the name Lucky. Snoopy, Tweety, Sylvester, Tazmanian Devil, Daffy Duck, Peter Pan, 101 & 102 Dalmations, Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Eyore, Piglet, Aladdin, Snow White, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Woody Woodpecker, Garfield, Goofy, Bugs Bunny, Marvin Martian, just to name a few. WOW, and all from Thialand and all put out this year. My count on the new glasses released this year in Thailand alone is over 40 glasses with popular characters or Soda logos. This means it is feasting time for collectors of foreign glasses. Unfortunately, there are some down sides to dealing with Thailand and that is the reliability and cost of the postal service. Even people sending cash certified are getting ripped off, so be careful and pay the little extra to use one of the money wire services. It costs just a little bit more but the funds are much safer. No one I know has gotten ripped off with a money wire service (except the fee they charge), while just about everyone has had a bad dealing with sending cash. Some of the services include, Money Gram, Bidpay and Western Union. All have been very reliable from what has been passed on to me as well as my personal experience. The other problem that you will encounter is the high cost of shipping. Most of the glasses can be bought for under $10 while the shipping cost will be somewhere close to $5 a glass. An order of 10 glasses can cost around $50 to have shipped.



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