Simpsons glasses checklist (including shot glasses and mugs)

May 2023

     Simpsons Glasses List BASED ON A MIDWEST COLLECTION May 2023

     Set of 5 1999 LU with Cracker Boxes, yellow boxes 2 sizes. (of boxes)

     Dijon Mustard Set Les Simpsons Amora 1997
     - Homer tied up on totem pole
     - Homer the King
     - Maggie & Lisa Ice cream
     - Bart et Homer Golf
     - Les Grimaces de Bart
     - Marge skirt up

     Nutella 2nd Series - HAVE ALL ( not sure if this is same as Nutella 2002 ???)
     Maggie-4 images
     Bart Skateboarding Aye Caramba
     Homer Golfing D'OH
     Maggie & Lisa on Dolphins
     Bart surfing and crashing
     Homer at beach saying bye to the sun
     Krusty and Sideshow Bob at Kamp Krusty Surf Kamp

     Set that was given with crackers, christmas 2000 Belgium cardboard wrap
     (Set of 4 - have ALL 4)

     Australia frosted tall
     - B*A*R*T  Smooth Move Man
     - Homer    Eating Pork Rinds
     - BART - Bart playing Guitar

     Short frosted shot glass red lines at top and btm
     NOTE- may be same as "Shot Glass 4 pack in box - frosted glass" below 
     - Homer - Homer face in red circle-eating Pork Rinds on back

     Hungry Jacks clear 5 5/8" tall
     - Bart throwing boomerang past Marge dropping binoculars, "Bart!"
     - Homer taking picture of family by totem pole, Okay now do something funny 1994
     - Bart and Lisa holding attenae over Homer's head, as Homer and Maggie watch TV , Okay Lisa Hold it There 1994
     - C'mon Homer Get the Lead out, man 1994

     Indonesia frosted set medium size
     - I will finish what I start - Bart at blackboard
     - Deep Thoughts from Homer Simpson - Homer's brain
     - 6 Degrees of Seperation - Bart from Angel to Devil
     - Exercise #427 - The Donut Curl w. Homer

     Frosted Boxed large Hi Ball Glass
     - Kiss my Curvy Butt
     - D'oh (have TWO glasses - one with homer on scale 'D'OH!" and one with Homer playing Golf in green rectangle on both sides "D'Oh! D'oh! D'oh!"
     - Flaming Moe (2003)
     - Trying is the first step toward Failure (2003)
     - Duff Beer - Homer thinking of Duff Beer (in word balloon)
     - Doooooo! Flamey! (2004)
     - Oh Cruel Scale why do you mock me (2004)

     Shot Glass 4 pack in box - frosted glass
     - D'oh (different image)
     - Curvy Butt (same image as above)
     - Homer
     - Beer and Microphone

     Shot Glass 4 pack in box - frosted glass
     - Homer in red circle, Homer in Blue circle angry, 
       Homer in green circle happy, Homer in Orange Circle doing d'oh face

     AMORA '99 FOX 3 7/8" tall
     - Simpsons front Bart Panel on Couch:back-large Maggie to small Homer
                                          (right to left)

     - Simpsons front Bart Panel:back-Back yard Barbeque Homer w. fish,
                                                      Marge w. muffins
     - Simpsons front in circle:back-Lisa and Bart tieing up Homer Indian style
                (could be same thing as Dijon-Homer tied up)

     LU 2001 FOX 3 1/4" heavy bottom black and white/frosted panel

     - Bart as Devil in frosted panel / The Simpsons in tilted banner

     LU 2002 5 1/4" frosted panel keyhole Homer Simpson waving hands

     FROSTED 5" Fox 1999

     - Ask Me about Bart - Bart in circle on front and back with factoids

     UNKNOWN SET - could be part of a set above ? Clear glass

     - Marge on one side / other side has Marge with tray of muffins

     UNKNOWN SET - sold by glassnert auctions 2014 as one of the first Simpson glasses
     - Simpson Family in red circle with The Simpsons on top inside red circle, Homer left, Marge right-top,
       Lisa left, Bart middle with slingshot, Maggie right with pacifier.  


     - Homer
     - Moe
     - Barney 

     NUTELLA 2001 (set of 8) 3 1/4" 
     Homer eating Donut, 3 scenes, blue background on btm half of glass,
           with white lid, #8 on lid. (DUPLICATE - all set of 8 BELOW  set might not have Lids ???)
     - Bart Ay Carumba small whiskey glass in box
     - SHOT GLASS set of 4 w. black box - Mr. Burns, Barney, Homer in white circle, Homer with Duff and Remote

     - Trying is the first step towards failure 
       (blue panel with Homer, on frosted glass, 6 1/8", Downpace Ltd.)

     - D'OH Homer smacks head frosted 3", Downpace Ltd.

     - The Wisdom of Homer - Homer on blue background on clear glass
                             with sayings on the back.

     SINGLE GLASS TM & "C" '99 FOX tall frosted Downpace Ltd. 
     - large picture of Homer's face, looking happy , in yellow panel with doughnuts all over background, The Simpsons rectangle logo on back. 
     UNKNOWN SET 2013 5 7/8 dist by KUP - have stock number at bottom at end of copyright info
     - DUFF Beer in green with Homer face in green on other side, saying "MMM...BEER." in oval. 2013 Dist by KUP 1386429
     - COME AND CHECK OUT OUR ILLEGAL VIDEO STASH ! w. Comic Book Guy and Comic Book Store on front / 
             / back has in blue The Simpsons with blue homer face and Greetings / From / Springfield and blue think line
               all around bottom - 2013 dist by KUP 13026407 
     FLAMING MOE"S RECIPE PINT FIRE ONE UP TONIGHT - Moe with flaming Moe drink, recipes on back.   

     DOWNPACE ORIGINAL SHOT GLASS Edition 1. - frosted shot glass
     - Moe's The tavern where nobody knows your name Homer & Moe
     - Moe's Tavern Springfield USA Drink up Chumps Moe    
     - Duff Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff Homer & Barney
     - Duff Beer We'll be at Moe's Tavern 3 Duff Girls

     The Simpsons Two Shooter Glasses Box Set - Homer Kiss my yellow, hairy butt! & Moe Drink up, Chumps!

     Clear Shot Glass - 2 of unknown set - Moe in bowling shirt with flaming bowling ball (Balls of Fire recipe)
           2007 dist by KUP or ICUP      - Krusty smoking (Smoked Martini recipe)

     The Simpsons Glassware Gift Pack one large frosted Mug In your Face 
                                      and 3 frosted shot glass Mmm..., Aargh!, Moe let me in!
                                      Boxed Set (all with Homer)

     The Simpsons Shot Glass 4 Pack   No More Duff!, Aargh!, Moe let me in!, Mmm...

      Comic Giftware Box set of 4 - large, clear pint style glasses (think there might be 4 5 or 6 other glasses in this group, IF these have face in oval)
                                    (missing Marge, Bart, Side Show Bob, Mr Burns, Smithers ) probably 2007 Icup
    - Homer
    - Krusty
    - Moe
    - Barney

    - No Way Man - Bast w, hands folder - well maybe one more refill... on inside
    - The Simpsons - Homer All American Dad
    - Overachiever - Lisa

    Tall FROSTED MUGS (Homer Simpson)
    - Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff
    - In your Face
    - D'Oh      
    - To Alcohol The Cause and Solution to all of Life's problems

    - Duff Beer - same Duff logo on both sides
    - Duff! - Homer swinging from Duff! sign, holding bottle of beer in right hand, Duff cans/bottle in backround, inside purple circle TM & C(opyright sign) 2001 Fox

    - BEER! (picture of homer with finger in beer mug) Now there's a temporary solution! The Smpsons TM & Fox 2007 ICUP 
    tall '99 TM & Co '99 FOX frosted large panel with Face
    Downpace Limited on bottom Made in Indonesia
    - Homer Simpson face with yellow background THE SIMPSONS on 
      back of glass in white rectangle. (have one with box & one without box)
    - Bart Simpson face in front of many small purple dots THE SIMPSONS on
      back of glass in white rectangle (with box)
    - small Ceramic Mug TM & 2002 Fox 3 panels Simpsons switching heads

    SHORT clear glass with plastic LID - NUTELLA - The Simpsons 2001 - lids have 8 different designs to collect stickers
    - Maggie on laundry line
    - Maggie, Lisa, Bart with sunglasses, playing finger snap, sax, bongos
    - Homer 3 scenes, eating donut
    - Bart with surfboard looking at good/bad sign, Bart jumping into water
    - Homer and Bart with surfboards, Marge as mermaid
    - Krusty Surf Camp signs, group picture of Krusty surf camp group on front
    - Bart 5 scenes, from suit with halo over head, to underwear only, to devil costume
    - Marge bowling, 4 bowling pins with Moe, Homer, Mr Burns, Apu faces

    SHORT clear glass with plastic LID - NUTELLA - Limited Edition 2002 (not sure if this is same set as Nutella Second Series ???)
    - Homer in golf cart, looking, swinging hitting golf ball
    - Homer surfing, jumping into water, another scene (glass has label) (#2- see note below)   
    (from same set I think - these glasses do NOT have LID or LABEL but are Nutella Limited Edition 2002
    - Bart holding Maggie on surfboard, Marge as mermaid, Homer laying face up with beer on stomach
    - Bart 3 scenes with Bart and skateboard
    - Bart jumping into water, Lisa on Dolphin in water, Homer looking at sun with surfboard (could be same as #2 above)

    Christmas 2010 Homer Santa large heavy glass set of 4 - dated 2010 Fox by ICUP - The Simpsons in script on back
    - Homer eating Cookie from Tray with milk and cookies, Thank you Santa note on tray
    - Homer Santa with 2 Christmas Trees D'oh - Ho - Ho  
    - Homer Santa with sack over shoulder Tis the Season to be Jelly
    - Homer Santa with sack, presents, candy canes, stocking, In Santa we Trust
    Christmas 2011 Christmas glasses - dated 2011 Fox by ICUP - The Simpsons in script on back - all have white snowflakes
    - Homer with antlers Season's Greetings and snowflakes in white
    - Bart and Lisa making snow angels Naughty or Nice 
    - Homer as Santa, Bart with list, Lisa with wreath, Maggie on top with candy cane, D'oh Ho-Ho! w. white snowflakes
    - Homer as Santa kssing Marge, Meet me under the Mistletoe

    The Simpsons - Family looking over The Simpsons Banner, clear tall glass, hvy btm, rim. 

    Homer - metallic medallion on medium size, thin frosted glass - Homer in metal circle, white shirt, red around "Homer"

    The Simpsons Fox 1998 Colombine - tall clear glass with color panel over entire glass
    with two identical pictures of character on both sides-multiple same items on background
    - Bart breaking through hole in wall - Buzz Cola on blue background
    - Homer breaking through hole in wall - Duff Beer on blue background

    The Simpsons TM & co(copyright symbol) 1998 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved H*O*M*E*R - on front has Homer dancing 
        with red body/white face shadow "WOO HOO!" in word balloon  

    The Simpsons Fox 1997 Colombine Belgium - tall clear glass with color panel over entire glass
    with two identical pictures of character on bth sides - name of character multiple times on background
    - Bart "Cool" with Bart's eyes being the "O" and "O" of COOL letters, facing front, large face, blue shirt

    Bart Simpson - 4 3/4 " clear glass 1991 20th C Fox F C on side - has Bart with sayings in cartoon word balloon
                                                                     on both has Bart Simpson in red, Bart in blue shirt
    - Bart holding arms in front "No Way Man!" 
    - Bary with right arm in front "Don't have a cow Man!"

    Delikatess Senf mittelsharf 250 ml glasses with metal lid Hengstenberg in script letters above The Simpsons logo
    Have six dfferent glasses - glasses are numbered as "Glas X Von 6" which I assume means Glass # Of (von) 6 then TM & 2003 Fox
    scenes are in blue background, with red line all around glass on top and bottom of blue background. 4 3/4" tall w. lid
    Lids are in red/orange ring with yellow inside, white and black letters. straight sided, number mark on btm. 
    - No 6 Bart Simpson and Lisa Simson holding hotdogs on sticks. 
    - No 5 Lisa Simpson as angel with halo Bart Simpson other side as Devil
    - No 4 Bart skateboarding in 3 scenes
    - No 3 Homer holding hot dog on fork Homer eating hot dog with part on fork Dog running away with string of hot dogs - 3 scenes
    - No 2 Homer Grilling on one side Homer dreaming of hot dog on other side
    - No 1 Individual Head shots of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie in red circle, all around glass

    tall thin frosted glas SET of SIX (6) Presumably French, some have French wording
         dated 1997 marked Tropico Diffusion
    - Marge wth folded arms Besoin D'Amour 
    - Homer with Bart, Lisa, Maggie hanging on to him Je Vais Craquer
    - Bart with arms folded, halo above
    - Bart holding up three fingers, Cool !
    - Homer lying on couch wth head on pillow with Pork Rinds, Bart on floor with pillow, soda can, snack package
    - black and white style panel with Homer on couch with undershirt and underpants, holding beer one hand, other hand with remote
    Les Simpson LE FILM (french - Simpsons movie w. movie Donut logo) medium glass with hundreds of movie characters in
                                  red outlines, Marge on front L'ingredient magique C'est l'amour!

    The Simpsons 12 paneled short hvy bottom glass with Bart doing 3 skateboard scenes TM & 2002 Fox

    2003 Old Krusty Ale - hvy pint glass with Krusty face inside 2 sheaves of wheat, 2003 and Old Krusty Ale in ribbon top/btm - no copyright or other date

    The Simpsons 1998 Fox Roda / Resi - single character in rectangle Marge Simpson
                                      - Maggie Simpson in rectangle 
                                      - Bart Simpson in rectangle 
                                      - Lisa SImpson in rectangle (this one has RESI (crackers) insert, shows 5 glasses in set

    The Simpsons 1996 TM & copyright 1996 Twentieth Century Fox Film Coporation - Bart in red circle / reverse has Bart with skateboard
                                                                                - Maggie in red circle / reverse has Maggie on rock playing Golf                  

    Heavy clear MUG with thumb grip handle - The Simpsons FOX Property of Moe's Tavern / Barney w. Duff Beer Springfield's Finest Brew
                                             with word balloon "Can't get enough of that wonderful duff!" 1989 20th Century Fox Film Corp
    Moe shot glass - need to confirm is not one of the other Moe shot glasses

 approximately 140 glasses / mugs / shots 

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