Original release: December, 2001
Byline: Jimmy Driver


Prototype Richie the Pook Glass on Brockway ShellI have been looking for information on the 1977 RIBET glasses (see database) for quite awhile. Finally I got lucky and this is what I found out. A set of eight cartoon characters, Richie the Pook, Ribbie the Frog, Round Hound, Lady Fox, Heidi Hedgehog, Piggley G. Pig, Willard Weasel and Super Chick was the brainchild of millionaire businessman Jim O'Rourke from Ligonier, PA in 1976-1977. He started a company named Ribet Productions (as in frog) and put an enormous amount of effort in trying to promote this project with hopes of achieving a Disney-like status. Jim started a franchise of chicken sandwich restaurants called "Super Chick" in the Richland Mall,of which he was president, in Johnstown, PA and at least one other freestanding one. They served the first boneless breast-of-chicken sandwiches in that area. They attracted many celebrity supporters including Joann Worley and Paul Newman. Richie the Pook, himself, a children's cartoon character resembling a small lovable dog who brought joy and good luck to all he visited, even appeared with Jerry Lewis on a telethon. And then as suddenly as the whole thing began, it disappeared into thin air.

The plan was to issue a set of collectible glasses, sponsored by Pepsi, each with a different one of the seven characters. I know of only three glasses from this set to exist. They are pictured in the database, Round Hound, Richie the Pook and Super Chick. They are 16oz. Brockway glasses, but do not have a Pepsi logo. If anyone out there has knowledge of any of the other four glasses please let the PGCA know.

Happy Hunting, Jimmy Driver

Prototype Round Hound Glass on Brockway Shell
Prototype Super Chick Glass on Brockway Shell



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