New Issues

Original release: June 2002
Byline: Brent Sehnert

Vrooom Vrooom, gentlemen, start your engines. The first set that we have out is one you can find in your local Garden Ridge store. It is either a set of 6 glasses and a single glass or a set of 7 glasses. I say a set of 7 as they are all in the same boxes together and on the same shelves together. In any event, it's a set of Nascar racing glasses that are sponsored by Coke. 6 of the glasses have a drivers picture on the front with his car number and signature. Well since I don't follow racing, I can only give you the numbers with some of the names I can make out. First is number 15, number 18, number 20, number 28 Ricky Rudd, number 44 Kyle Petty and number 88 Dale Jarrett. The 7th glass in set is a Coca-Cola racing bear wearing number 18.

A couple notes on this set is that they are priced at $1.99 on the glass but some people are only having to pay 99 cents. The other is that these are about as poor a quality glass as you will find. The artwork is messed up on just about every one of them and to find a really good set you are really going to have to search the shelves. The biggest problem is the registration on these is just downright bad and that may be why they ended up in a market like Garden Ridge in the first place. Good luck in finding a good set, I got one but it took a lot of searching.

Back in the last couple issues we mentioned the set at the Spencer stores. We mentioned it as a set of 3 as that was all anyone could find. Well now they stores have the glasses again and it is now a set of 4. So run out before they fly off the shelves and get yours now. While there you will see a packaged set of 3 Simpson's glasses. This is one large frosted beer type mug, one rocks glass and one shot glass. The price was rather steep at $20 for the set but they are there if you want them.

Before I tell you of the next sets, I need some people to do some searching for me. We have a new vanilla Coke, a Blue Pepsi, the World Cup Soccer and All Star game all happening now and in the next few weeks. All of these things in past have produced a number of glasses, especially the world cup. One has not passed yet where Coke did not come out with some kind of set. When someone does see a new glass come out, will they please let us know either on the club site or email me. That way I can get the info out to everyone else as well by means of this newsletter. While I see quite a few of the new items, I still need the help and rely on others for information as well, thanks.

From Europe we have two sets of Peanuts glasses. Each set is packages as a set of 3. The first one is Peanuts Colors. One side of box is pictured on previous page and other side is pictured first on this page. These are about a 16oz glass with Charlie Brown in a yellow color flower background, Lucy in a orange color apple shaped background and Snoopy in Green color circle background. Each background is outlined in gold.

The next Peanuts set shown as the bottom 2 pictures on left of this page is a set of 3. This set has Sally Brown, Snoopy and Charlie Brown on a clear glass with 3/4 frosting. These are both unique sets in that 2 of the glasses can be seen from one side and one glass shown on the other. This is very much like the Monsters Inc glasses that were shown in the last issue.

Our next set also from Europe is a Disney set of 3 of the small juice size glasses. They are pictured at the top of the next page showing both
sides. Mickey Mouse is shown on each glass on one side and the characters
on the other is Goofy, Pluto and Minnie Mouse. My wife who is not a glass person said, "wow, these 3 sets are really nice, they are so bright and colorful". So if she thinks they are nice you know they must be. People will have to get these sets either online in auction or from people at glass shows as they can find to bring.

The Spiderman movie is out but so far all anyone has found is the 2 shot glasses. If you know of something from this or the upcoming Hulk movie, let us know as people always want to hear about new superhero glasses. The shot glasses were at the last meeting for show and tell but I did not get a picture of them. Check out the club site for the submission of them soon by someone.

There are 2 new sets of Andy Warhol glasses pictured here to the right that can be found in department stores across the US. I found these in North Carolina at J.R.'s. The first set is a tall set of 4 beverage glasses. Each has a different soup can pictured on the front in various stages of being printed or in the case of one, label being torn off.

The next set is a set of 4 Double Old Fashioned glasses. Each glass is the same in this set and shows the 4 different pictures from the taller set all on one glass lined up next to each other. Just as in the Jimmy Dean and Marilyn Monroe sets, these should become popular as well.

It was mentioned to me before about some snack glasses that were put out by General Mills. We had the order form available at one point on the club site and I placed in my order. If anyone gets there glasses drop me a line so we can show everyone what they look like. From the sounds of it these are going to be extremely tough to get.

That is all I really have to tell you about this issue for new glasses. Make sure if you run across something to let me know or we have nothing to put in this section.



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