New Issues

Original release: January 2002
Byline: Brent Sehnert

Once again I have a large number of New Issue glasses to tell you about and I have had to redo this 3 times to include them all. Target has some new glasses out and I was unable to get the information before I printed this. It is 4 different sets that include 2 sets of winter glasses and 2 sets of animal glasses.

The first picture I have is a new set of Snoopy peanuts glasses that come to us from up in Canada. Each glass is a different color with the theme on each glass dealing with outer space. Two glasses show him in a spacesuit, one sitting on the moon and the other star gazing. A very cute and unique set.

Also pictured is a set of 6 Disney Winnie The Pooh jelly glasses. These are put out by IXL and distributed in Australia. First in set is Winnie the Pooh, the best kind of friend. Second is of Tigger who loves to bounce high, as Kanga hangs on his tail. Third is of Eeyore, who often feels gloomy. Fourth is Piglet, who is just a bit shy. Fifth is of Rabbit, a sensible fellow. Sixth and last in the set is Owl, who loves to talk.

As many of you have discovered, the new Lord of the Rings Goblets currently being sold at Burger King are indeed glass. So bite the bullet and make a trip to Burger King. Each one of these goblets is $1.99 with the purchase of a Whopper value meal or $2.99 when purchased separately. I would not wait too long to start picking up a set as I am sure they won't last long. These coincide with the release of the new movie Lord Of The Rings Due out in Mid December with each goblet representing a different character. These are unique as each one of these goblets comes with a little disc that attaches to the bottom and makes it light up red. The 4 character glasses in the set are Gandalf the Wizard, Frodo the Hobbit, Arwen the Elf, and Strider the Ranger. The box is also very nice as it gives a description of the character featured on the glass. These remind me of the glass cups that McDonalds distributed for the Batman movie however these are much nicer. More information can be found about these online at or

Next, we have a new Ricky Martin glass that was put out by Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pepsi in Italy. This is a 3 panel glass and is the 3rd glass in a 3 glass set put out. If anyone knows what the other 2 glasses are please let me know so I can pass it on.

Quick restaurants in Europe have also released a new 6 glass frosted set. These feature the adventures of Tomme and Janry, who are very popular cartoon characters overseas. Each glass shows a character in full color on the front, with purple panel scenes around the rest of the glass. Next thing you have to do is make it to your local Spencer's gift store. Currently they have a set of 3 very nice frosted Simpson's glasses in a box. All 3 are of homer Simpson, the first is him standing in his underwear eating a piece of chicken while standing on a scale. The caption on this glass is D'OH!. Next glass is of Homer bending over with the caption "Kiss My Curvy Butt". Last is a head shot of Homer, as he is thinking. All around the glass are images of donuts. These sold for $4.99 each and appeared that they had plenty in stock at the moment so you can run out and get yourself a set for the holidays. Next to them were some Simpson 's frosted mugs that were $8.99 each and a set of 4 shot glasses in a box that sold for $12.99 for the box. If you don't have a Spencer's by you and would like to get these glasses, please contact me. I am sure we can work something out.

Danone drink from Belgium has also put out a new set of 3 glasses. These are from a Belgium cartoon and have a person who resembles Santa as he steers a flying balloon like ship and walks with a book. A very colorful and attractive 3 glass set you could only get by mail order.




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