New Books on Glasses

Original release: March 2002

Well we were introduced to 3, yes 3 new books for glass collectors at the meeting in Indy. The only one being sold at this time is the one by Carl & Mary Sehnert. This is a computer generated book of the Coca-Cola Collegiate Crest glasses. The book lists all the known glasses from this series and shows a picture of each one. The pictures are very well done and a description of each glass is enclosed. This book has already come in very handy to the collectors of these glasses as they are constantly finding variations that they never knew existed. This is the most extensive book done on a single glass area so far and is extremely well liked by those who collect these. These are for sale at a cost of $25 to Club Members.

The next book currently in production is a very extensive book on Brockway glasses. This book is currently being researched and worked on by Jimmy Driver. Included in this book are many Brockway sample and prototype glasses. There are many Pepsi and non Pepsi glasses for everyone's enjoyment. Most of these glasses are right out of Jimmy Drivers own personal collection. Currently he is looking for more glasses to include in his book, so if you have any oddball Brockway style glasses please get in touch with him as I know your help would be greatly appreciated. Everyone who looked at this book had nothing but high remarks for its picture quality and content. Jimmy has also done a lot of research on certain sets of glasses. This information is also included in the book. The cover and pictures look great. This is probably going to be one of those must have books in your collection. We cant wait for the finished project.

The third book that was announced at the indy show is a very comprehensive book of all known glasses. This third book is an extensive book on every glass that is out there. Larre Eckert has been compiling data over the last several years on every glass he can find. To do this he has written down every glass he has seen at the various shows over the years. He also spends a considerable amount of time searching the auction sites such as eBay, Amazon and Yahoo for any new glasses he has not seen before. From this he has developed a list and his own numbering system. His personal goal is to get all this information together and then get it published and turned into a sort of ultimate glass collectors guide. I have not heard about any timetable as to the completion of this book so it may be a while before we see it distributed.

Elsewhere in this newsletter, Steve Simek talks about compiling an extensive list that can be accessed on line and accomplished as a club and not just one person. Something in the way of a internet book that is available to everyone with a computer. Updates can be done quickly and you don't have to wait for 3 years for next revised edition. My own thoughts are that if you do have a extensive library of information on a web site ( I hope it can be done), it would still be nice to have something in soft cover that I can pull out and show someone a picture of the glass to which I am referring. I still like the idea of sitting in a chair and looking over the pictures and descriptions. Or sitting around with a bunch of fellow collectors and passing the book between us. Somehow one needs to be able to combine the leisure of a good book with today's internet technology.

It is rumored that Carl Sehnert may be going to start work on a Root Beer mug and glass book. This would be in a similar format to the Coke Collegiate Crest book. Everything would be done on the computer and then updates can be made and distributed to those who have purchased the book. I have heard that many people are anxious for work on this new book to begin. A fellow collector told me if I mentioned it in here that maybe it would speed things up. Well it's mentioned, but I doubt it will have any effect on how fast it gets done. So far the books by Carl & Mary Sehnert and Jimmy Driver do not include prices. These books are just guides to let you know what is out there with both of them emphasizing on items in there personal collection as well as fellow collectors. If you do purchase one of these books and run across a item not included, they would love to hear from you and get the information from the glass so it can be shared with others.



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