Glasses Collecting Web Sites

Original release: February 2010
Byline: PGCA

Many drinking glass collectors and authors have established extensive web sites that feature specialized areas of the character glass collector hobby.
Sports, Coke and Pepsi, measuring glasses, Nutella glasses and girl glasses are among the glass collections that have nifty sites established.
Here is a short list of some the sites we find useful.
Measuring Glasses
Measuring Glasses A 'Measure' of time
Horse Racing Glasses
International glasses
Nutella Glasses
Girl Glasses
Peanuts Mugs at
Peanut Butter Glasses and More
Collector Glass News original Newsletter site
Coca Cola club site
Pepsi Cola club site
L. Eckert's Glasses Book - Price Guide and Inventory Book
Pepsi Glasses article
The Curious World of Bottle Collecting
Australian Glasses and swigs site
Cartoon Glasses postings from Second Hand Sale




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