Missing Dot (Dots Nice)

Original release: May 2002
Byline: Larry Freudenthal

Attention! All Pepsi Collectors! Have you ever really looked at the Pepsi logo? No I mean really looked intently and noticed the little dot (or missing dot) that appears after PEP in Pepsi? It is actually a small R, Registered. What got me interested was the fact that the first six Warner Brothers Black Letter Brockway glasses were missing the R, which I will proceed to call the "Dot". As most people who know me, my 35 plus years of collection is in boxes and not presently displayed. So my question is this. How many Pepsi glasses, with Warner Brothers, PAT Ward, MGM, Walter Lantz, Disney, DC Comics, Superhero, Circus, etc, etc have the dot or don't have the dot or come with or without the dot on the same glass?

Like Petunia Pig with the open eyes, squinty eyes, or painted eyes. Or how abut the multitude of Pepsi glasses that have no cartoon on them? How about the early double dot version (dot-dot's nice)? There are 102 different American single character Warner Brothers, 24 action Warner Brothers. There are also the errors or variations that were mentioned in previous newsletter such as the No Beep Beep on road Runner, Missing Warner Bros, Missing Dates, etc. 

Am I becoming maniacal in my quest for just 1 of each glass ever made, that I have to look for the missing dot or not missing dot, so I can increase my inventory. Glass collecting is a sickness, But what a way to go. 

The one on the left is a 1973 Black letter Tweety glass. The one on the right is a 1973 Black letter Cool Cat with no Warner Bros or Date. The one on left of Tweety does not have the dot, while the one on right of Cool cat with no date or WB does have the dot. It is hard to see in the pics as I have a problem taking white letters to show up clearly. 

Larry can mostly be found traveling around to the various markets in the north east and lately attending all the glass meetings. He can also be found online as EarlVillian@hotmail.com. If you have an answer to his questions, contact him and let him know. He would really appreciate it. He also has plans to attend the upcoming Indy show so we all look forward to seeing him there.



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