The 7-Eleven Plastic Major League Baseball Cups from 1972 and 1973: An Accurate Cupography at Last

This article first appeared in CGN #60 June/July 2000

Byline: Mike Kelly

After wondering for a long time when these 7-Eleven cups came out and how many there were in the "set" (I didn't know that there were two sets), I luckily chanced upon Mark K. Larson's Complete Guide to Baseball Memorabilia, Krause Publications, 1996. In this book (pages 458-460), I found complete listings for these undated sets. Believe me: I couldn't have pieced this information together without him, even though I had accumulated quite a few of the cups. It's nice to know how many there are out there that you just have to have! What follows is an excerpt from a book Mark and I are planning to do on sports drinkware, so if it doesn't sound like me, it's because it's going to go in our book. I'm pretty sure the information is accurate. I'm not too sure about values. I do know that these cups are getting difficult to find, especially in nice condition. The big name players cost more everywhere you go. Flea market vendors aren't totally stupid. Condition is all. Pay for what you want to end up with. I've always thought that these cups were pretty neat. The complete sets are certainly challenging, but my feeling is that they can with enough perseverence and currency be completed. If you finish the sets, you'll have something not many other collectors have--if that's important to you. I collect these things for my son who some day may find them interesting; I don't expect to make any money on them. I also don't expect to pay more than $5 to $10 for any of these cups, though Larson prices some of them at $50 or more. If you like 70s vintage stuff, baseball, and plastic, these cups might be just the thing for you!

7-Eleven [1972] Major League Baseball Players

There are 60 cups in this undated set of Major League baseball players. Each cup features a lifelike colored sketch of the player above his name and team name. A brief biography of the player, the team logo, and the 7-Eleven logo appear on the reverse. The player's name and name of his team appear flush left with the biography between the biography and the 7-Eleven logo. This flush left alignment of text is an identifier for this 1972 series. Incidentally, the player's name and team name are also much larger on the 1972 cups than on the 1973 cups.

Eighteen Hall of Fame players appear in this set, and twenty-one players from this set can be found in the 1973 set of cups. Of these twenty-one players, seven players got newly designed images (Dick Allen, Lou Brock, Cesar Cedeno, Ralph Garr, Willie Mays, Vada Pinson and Tom Seaver); the other fourteen were unchanged.

The value of the cups varies according to the player's fame and the cup's condition. Prices range from $5 for "common" players to $35-$50 for the really big names (Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron, Brooks Robinson, Carl Yastrzemski, Tom Seaver, Willie Stargell). These cups are getting difficult to find, so supply and demand become effective determiners of value.

We show the following 1972 cups:

Steve Blass, Pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates
Ralph Garr, Atlanta Braves
Bud Harrelson, New York Mets
Ron Hunt, Montreal Expos
Reggie Jackson, Oakland Athletics
Harmon Killebrew, Third Baseman, Minnesota Twins
Jim Lonborg, Milwaukee Brewers
Juan Marichal, Pitcher, San Francisco Giants
Juan Marichal (reverse)
Tony Oliva, Minnesota Twins
Joe Pepitone, Outfielder, Chicago Cubs
Dave Roberts, San Diego Padres
Frank Robinson, Outfielder, Los Angeles Dodgers
George Scott, Infield, Milwaukee Brewers
Tom Seaver, New York Mets
Sonny Siebert, Boston Red Sox
Mel Stottlemyre, Pitcher, New York Yankees
Maury Wills, Short Stop, Los Angeles Dodgers
Don Wilson, Houston Astros
Rick Wise, Philadelphia Phillies
Wilbur Wood, Pitcher, Chicago White Sox
Carl Yastrzemski, Boston Red Sox

A complete listing of the 1972 cups:

Hank Aaron
Tommie Agee
Rich Allen
Sal Bando
Johnny Bench
Steve Blass
Vida Blue
Lou Brock
Norm Cash
Cesar Cedeno
Orlando Cepeda
Roberto Clemente
Nate Colbert
Willie Davis
Ray Fosse
Ralph Garr
Bob Gibson
Bud Harrelson
Frank Howard
Ron Hunt
Reggie Jackson
Ferguson Jenkins
Alex Johnson
Deron Johnson
Al Kaline
Harmon Killebrew
Mickey Lolich
Jim Lonborg
Juan Marichal
Willie Mays
Willie McCovey
Denny McLain
Dave McNally
Bill Melton
Andy Messersmith
Bobby Murcer
Tony Oliva
Amos Otis
Jim Palmer
Joe Pepitone
Jim Perry
Lou Piniella
Vada Pinson
Dave Roberts
Brooks Robinson
Frank Robinson
Pete Rose
George Scott
Tom Seaver
Sonny Siebert
Reggie Smith
Willie Stargell
Bill Stoneman
Mel Stottlemyre
Joe Torre
Maury Wills
Don Wilson
Rick Wise
Wilbur Wood
Carl Yastrzemski

7-Eleven [1973] Major League Baseball Players

This set consists of eighty undated cups, twenty of which are old-time Hall of Fame players which share the overall style and format of the rest of the set but are done mostly in gold and brown colors with a halo of black stars surrounding the player's head. On the reverse, the player's name and team name appear centered (not flush left) above the player's biography. The 7-Eleven logo appears at the top, and the player's team logo appears at the bottom of all but the Hall of Fame cups.

As with the 1972 cups, player fame, condition, and supply and demand considerations tend to determine value. Prices range from $4 for more "common" players to a high of $50 or $55 for others.

We show the following 1973 cups:

Rich Allen, Outfield, Chicago White Sox
Dusty Baker, Atlanta Braves
Roy Campanella, Catcher, Brooklyn Dodgers, 7-Eleven Hall of Fame
Carlton Fisk, Catcher, Boston Red Sox
Carlton Fisk (reverse)
Ralph Garr, Outfielder, Atlanta Braves
Ralph Garr (reverse)
Lou Gehrig, First Baseman, New York Yankees, 7-Eleven Hall of Fame
Bob Grich, Infielder, Baltimore Orioles
Lefty Grove, Pitcher, Philadelphia Athletics and Boston Red Sox, 7-Eleven Hall of Fame
Richie Hebner, Third Baseman, Pittsburgh Pirates
Mickey Mantle, Outfield, New York Yankees, 7-Eleven Hall of Fame
Carlos May, Chicago White Sox
Joe Medwick, Outfield, St. Louis Cardinals, 7-Eleven Hall of Fame
Stan Musial, Outfield, St. Louis Cardinals, 7-Eleven Hall of Fame
Babe Ruth, Outfield, New York Yankees, 7-Eleven Hall of Fame
Ron Santo, Third Baseman, Chicago Cubs
Ron Santo (reverse)
Richie Scheinblum, Outfield, Kansas City Royals
Richie Scheinblum (reverse)
Billy Williams, Outfielder, Chicago Cubs
Wilbur Wood, Pitcher, Chicago White Sox

A complete listing of the 1973 series of cups (7-Eleven Hall of Famers indicated by an asterisk *):

Hank Aaron
Dick Allen
Dusty Baker
Johnny Bench
Yogi Berra
Larry Bittner
Steve Blass
Lou Boudreau*
Lou Brock
Roy Campanella*
Bert Campaneris
Rod Carew
Steve Carlton
Cesar Cedeno
Ty Cobb*
Nate Colbert
Willie Davis
Bill Dickey*
Bob Fellar*
Carlton Fisk
Bill Freehan
Ralph Garr
Lou Gehrig*
Charlie Gehringer*
Bob Gibson
Hank Greenberg*
Bobby Grich
Lefty Grove*
Toby Harrah
Richie Hebner
Ken Henderson
Carl Hubbell*
Jim "Catfish" Hunter
Reggie Jackson
Walter Johnson*
Don Kessinger
Leron Lee
Mickey Lolich
Sparky Lyle
Greg Luzinski
Mike Marshall
Mickey Mantle*
Carlos May
Lee May
John Mayberry
Willie Mays*
John McGraw*
Joe Medwick*
Joe Morgan
Thurman Munson
Bobby Murcer
Stan Musial*
Gary Nolan
Tony Oliva
Al Oliver
Claude Osteen
Jim Palmer
Gaylord Perry
Lou Piniella
Vada Pinson
Brooks Robinson
Ellie Rodriguez
Joe Rudi
Red Ruffing*
Babe Ruth*
Nolan Ryan
Manny Sanguillen
Ron Santo
Richie Scheinblum
Tom Seaver
Ted Simmons
Reggie Smith
Chris Speier
Don Sutton
Luis Tiant
Pie Traynor*
Honus Wagner*
Billy Williams
Wilbur Wood
Carl Yastrzemski

By Mike Kelly



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